WE HEART: Power Publicist, Katie Links

Photo: Erik Simkins

The Ultimate Catch: Intriguing Seattleites

Photo: Erik Simkins


26 | Seattle, WA

Hometown: Bellevue, WA

Occupation: Public Relations Expert at Wilson PR


Working in a fast paced environment of public relations and marketing at one of Seattle’s top PR firms, Wilson PR, she has worked with clients like Pearl Bar & Dining, Marco Two Union SquareMetropolitan Market, Il Fornaio, Anthony’s, Snoqualmie Casino and the newly opened Munchbar and Piano Bash in Bellevue.

When she’s not working with high-profile clients, she loves to travel abroad to foreign and exotic locations and experience different cultures around the world, especially India, Spain, Ireland and Vietnam.

Her passion for travel and helping others has led her to volunteer with Operation Smile, as well as spend time in South East Asia working at an orphanage. While stationed in Ho Chi Minh City, she also traveled throughout Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. Her devotion to causes doesn’t stop there, she also works with the Robert Vasen Foundation, a non profit organization dedicated to supporting the development of Seattle area youth and fostering action within the community around the challenges that young people face.

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