Dynamic Seattleites: Sweet Tarte, Heather Ratushny

Heather Ratushny of Tarte Cosmetics.

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this stylish beauty brings-on the glamour.

From Bellevue to the Big Apple, Heather Ratushny has been making a splash in the beauty industry and experimenting with colorful products ever since her high-school days, which she spent working at a make-over portrait studio.

Heather Ratushny, Executive Director of Operations and Product Development at Tarte Cosmetics.

Today, she holds a slightly more glamorous position as the Executive Director of Operations and Product Development at make-up powerhouse Tarte cosmetics.

After studying Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York Ratushny landed her first job with Tarte, and it has proved to be a match made in beauty heaven. Ratushny is responsible for helping create Tarte’s incredible line of healthy, nourishing and distinctive beauty products, many of which have become instant cult classics in the make-up world.

“I enjoy the freedom of the creative process because I have the opportunity to travel the world to become inspired. Within the last 12 months I’ve been to six countries and discovered some amazing local ingredients that have definitely influenced [Tarte] products being launched in 2012,” she said. And what’s the one beauty product Ratushny couldn’t live without?

“My core go-to is our Smooth Operator tinted moisturizer with Amazonian clay; it’s a sheer moisturizing tint loaded with good-for-you ingredients that’s super easy to apply and really helps nourish your skin.”

Come again—Amazonian clay? Who would have thought thick, muddy clay usually associated with face-masks or pottery could be translated into a silky, light-weight, nutritious moisturizer that’s as wholesome as it is innovative? Tarte’s “high performance naturals” manage to make it happen by stepping outside of the box, compact, or tube and creating products that don’t sacrifice health for glamour. Ratushny plays an integral part in this process and is proud to help create beauty products that genuinely combine the best of both worlds: top-notch performance and healthy ingredients.

“Whereas most companies make you choose between something that performs but is loaded with synthetic ingredients or something that is natural but won’t last for more than five minutes, we prove that glamor can be good for you!”

Being a make-up maven does have its downsides, though, including a limited amount of time spent in one’s hometown.

“…It’s never enough! Right now I’m missing my best friend’s birthday and our annual family surf trip,” she admitted.

Although she currently calls New York city home, Ratushny is still a Seattleite at heart—and she visits as much as possible in order to get her annual dose of her favorite people, places and things. And it’s obvious that at least a little of her Northwest upbringing makes its way into Tarte’s product line — after all, what’s more Seattle than an easy, on-the-go look that’s actually good for you?

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