Meatless Mondays: Loving Hut

Loving Hut serves plates of smiling golden prosperous vegan love.

Asians love them some flowery adjectives. They truly make you curious as to how blissful their cuisine, nail art and massage skills are. Well, Loving Hut in the ID can keep the excited descriptors coming because their vegan food is happy magic virtuosity.

Vegans are The Coolest

A hidden gem in the International District, Loving Hut’s exterior doesn’t seem all that special. You would have no idea this was a national chain but they’ve done a surprisingly nice job in terms of consistency with their food, service and décor.

Don’t be scared away by how grimy the surroundings are; the interior is spotless and bright. Framed posters of famous vegans and their talents makes you feel like being vegan is pretty freaking fantastic. Join the club, my friends

We started with the Lucky Drumsticks (5.50) and I wish I would’ve ended with them too. These faux chicken drumsticks were so incredibly realistic, that a meat devotee would’ve been convinced they were authentic had it not been for the obviously fake bone.

The breading was crispy and perfect, without being overly greasy. And the “chicken” was so juicy that you seriously questioned whether it was real breast meat. The texture and color was on. point. With or without the sweet and spicy dipping sauce, I licked it clean off the Caramel-Apple-Pop-stick bone. More please!

Loving Hut Lucky Drumsticks

Because of this glorious weather we’ve been having, the Loving Hut Salad (7.95) really hit the spot. Our super friendly waiter suggested this one-of-a-kind salad and I took the bait. “Everything organic, special dressing. Very special.” Man, did I take that bait. An enchanted garden of fresh produce without tasting like a real garden. Organic greens, fresh avocado, artichoke hearts, black olives—need I say more? —tossed with a house-made creamy poppy seed dressing. It was a huge portion, but once I started, I really had to tell myself to stop. Even though I really, really didn’t want to. It was a flavor balance of delight. Next time my girlfriends and I try to come up with a place to get a good salad, I’m dragging their asses to the ID.

Loving Hut Salad

Safe and always a good choice, next was the Pan Fried Noodles (9.95). To the point without any obscurity. I assumed it would be similar to Thai’s Pad See Ewe, but there were many more vegetables—perfectly cooked, I might add—and the rice noodles were cut up and then fried together creating triangles of golden wonder. The veggies, fried tofu and a variety of soy protein executions (chicken, beef and shrimp) were swimming in a light soy, garlic gravy. Supreme harmony.

Loving Hut Pan Fried Noodles

They ran out of the Flan when I was there (which means it must be bomb as shit), so I got the Cheesecake. Meh. If they have the flan when you go, let me know how it is. I was satisfied with the savory plates enough to not even think about dessert, says the Candy Lady. Seriously, Loving Hut’s main dishes are simply divine.

Loving Hut Cheesecake

I shall give Loving Hut a shiny rainbow rating of a full dragon cup of gravy. A valiant and well-deserved evaluation.

Loving Hut  |  1226 S Jackson St,  Seattle  |  (206) 299-2219