To Do: Over the Strawberry Moon (Juice)

Strawberry Moon Juice

There’s no denying it. I’m a juice-head. Me and my Jack LaLanne Power juicer are like THIS.

Strawberry Moon Juice

I juice up wherever and whenever I can. I’m even constantly trading juice deals with friends like it’s my job. Well, third job.

“Hey, did you see this one? 20% off at Evolution Fresh when you check in on FourSquare now through the end of the month!”

“BluePrint Juice is 2-for-1 at Whole Foods! I just walked out of my friend’s wedding rehearsal to go get some.”

Some people might say I have a problem. I say I just like juice. Of course, I’m referring to raw, cold-pressed, natural juice. Not like the sugar-syrup that comes in plastic jugs at the grocery. (I’m looking at you, Minute Maid Fruit Punch.) Before recently I wasn’t much of a juice or anything-else drinker. I’d typically just carry around my venti-sized tumbler (adorned with my Maui Waverider sticker; I’m a salty sister random stander, brah) with ice-water and lemon slices (Bellevue-style, bro) and drink that all day long. That’s it. Just water and the occasional glass of wine, of course. Then juice happened. And while juice happened, I never believed in going to the “extremes” of doing a juice fast (or cleanse). I like food much too much to even think about a fast.

But when I was approached to do a fast with Strawberry Moon Juice as an experiment for Seattleite in order to sample the latest juicery to hit the Seattle scene, I said why not? (See also Juicebox on Capitol Hill which sells its juices at La Bete during the restaurant’s off-hours and also has a cooler at Lab5Fitness, The Juicy Café and of course Starbucks’ Evolution Fresh, all of which offer fasts/cleanses. Other juice bars in the area include Chaco Canyon Organic Café and Alive Juice Bar.)

While the name sounds like a TV character cross between “Strawberry Shortcake” and “Sailor Moon,” it actually comes from the Farmers’ Almanac in which a “strawberry moon” is another name for the full moon that occurs in June.  This is apparently “peak season; when life is at its juiciest,” according to the folks at Strawberry Moon Juice.

One of those folks is Sean Dereck, founder of Strawberry Moon Juice and perhaps a familiar face to some. Seattleites may know him as yoga instructor extraordinaire as seen at Haute Yoga Queen Anne. That’s where you can also find Strawberry Moon Juice in addition to at Urban Yoga Spa if you’re not ordering online.

Strawberry Moon Juice

I picked the “A Little Bit Fruity” three-day fast from the Strawberry Moon menu and the next day I received a delivery of 12 16-ounce glass bottles filled with an assortment of juices and mylks in a branded insulated zippered tote – right to my office. Each bottle was labeled with the day to drink it and the order in which to drink it. I liked it already — no thinking needed!

The plan from here: nix all solids. Subsist on the juice of “kale cucumber apple lime,” “coconut almond,” “pineapple grapefruit alfalfa” and others for the next three days (four bottles per day).

Day 1: I can do this. I can do this. I can do this. I did it!

Day 2 (morning): Is my skin clearing up or am I just drinking the Kool-Aid (so to speak)?

Day 2 (by the afternoon): GIVE ME THAT SANDWICH. And cookie …

Day 3: Forget it. It’s Saturday, I have a 10 mile run to do and it’s bad On Demand movie-roulette and pizza night. Juice be damned.

In summary: I think I failed you, Strawberry Moon Juice. The juice was delicious but I just couldn’t get away with juice-only for three full days with all of the fitness I do (between Day 2 and Day 3 I had 17 miles to run plus a cycle class). Food = energy, man! To be fair, Strawberry Moon Juice promotes an open-ended approach to their fasts which means it’s actually fine to incorporate some raw foods and broths – the sandwich, cookie and pizza probably don’t make the cut though.

But I’d lasso that moon all over again. Just for a day..

For more information on juice and juice fasts, visit Strawberry Moon Juice’s website here.

Strawberry Moon Juice | 200 John Street, Seattle | (206) 601-8091