Some Ideas for Helping #Covid19

Photo credit: Jane Johnson

Though this public health crisis has been scary, anxiety-provoking, and full of uncertainty, there have been moments of hope too. The past several days have been clear and sunny, and cherry and plum trees are blooming throughout the city. People are rising to the occasion and helping out those in need and there are little acts of kindness all around.

We wanted to put together some ideas for how to support each other and our community. We’re going to get through this together.

Supporting local restaurants:

Piroshky Piroshky owner Olga Sagan built a free platform, Catch22Delivery, for local businesses that are currently offering delivery and take-out. It makes it easy to find your favorite Seattle restaurants that deliver without third party fees. Read more on SeattleRefined here.

Sign the Seattle Restaurants United petition requesting relief for our beloved restaurant and bar community. Without significant and immediate financial assistance, many restaurants and bars will close permanently. Learn more about Seattle Restaurants United here.

People are posting about restaurants in the International District, including heartwarming stories about small businesses, and what’s open in this Facebook group.


Organized by local brand Trilogia, Masks for Good is raising funds to get N95 masks to healthcare providers.

Artist Relief Fund is collecting money for artists in Seattle. If you’re an artist, you can also apply for funds here.

The Seattle Hospitality Emergency Fund is raising money for workers who have lost their hours, jobs, or their restaurants or bars have closed.

Here’s one organized by The London Plane, which supports sending meals to UW Medicine hospital staff (1,600 meals per day). They’ve been making meals since Wednesday, March 18.


Donate blood with Bloodworks Northwest. Make sure to schedule your appointment online before heading in. They aren’t taking walk-ins right now.

Mutual Aid is matching volunteers with those in need. Fill out the form here if you’re interested.

Seattle Public Schools does not have current volunteer requests, but will as the need grows. There are some ideas on their website and check back for updates.

Have other ideas?

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