Our hats are off to Jannie Baltzer — we’ll wear her headbands instead.

Forget the fashionable chapeaus. You want to stand out in that crowd (OK, you want to stand out more). A simple headband doesn’t cut the grade for your desired fashionista statement. Try this on for size: couture headpieces made of French lace, Swarovski crystals, ostrich feathers, mother of pearls and more.

Forget the diet and treat yourself to Napa Valley’s finest this February.

We love staying, playing and dining in Yountville. Our wallets, though? Not so much. This Napa Valley enclave of Michelin star restaurants and posh resorts can be cha-ching. Yet through February 28, in a “Moveable Feast” promotion, many of the town’s businesses have joined together to offer discounts reaching up to 50 percent off for resort packages, multi-course restaurant meals and wine tastings.