‘Tis the season for giving back.

It seems fitting during this holiday season, whilst celebrating with our friends, family, and delicious food, to take a moment to pause and revel in all that we have. We are truly blessed with so much. Let’s take a moment to give back to those who may be less fortunate than us. No one should ever go hungry in our community, especially during this chilly winter. Here is just one opportunity for you to

From Rose Bowl champion to Oscar winner.

Ed Cunningham has enjoyed a truly distinguished football career. His achievements include five seasons as an offensive lineman in the NFL (one with the Seahawks), a 15-year network broadcasting career and a 2011 Academy Award for producing the high school gridiron documentary, Undefeated. But before all that, Cunningham was beloved by Seattleites as the

Meet the man behind many of our city’s most exciting sporting events.

Name any local sports team, and chances are homegrown entrepreneur Pat Walker has worked with them. For more than a decade, this UW alum has produced a multitude of sporting events, from lacrosse matches to women’s basketball games. His latest venture is 3 Point Productions (3PT), a company he co-founded with two longtime associates, Todd Albright and Matt Heuer, in January 2012.

Come and rediscover Seattle’s oldest neighborhood.

Occidental Park in Pioneer Square is one of Seattle's oldest areas. Photo by Lena Park.

Calling all Seattleites, Washingtonians, Pacific Northwesterners, new, old, or something in between: it’s time to rediscover this Emerald City of ours.  If we’re going to live in Seattle and call ourselves Seattleites, isn’t it about time we start living like ones?  Let’s branch out.