Launched in January 2011, Seattleite is the lifestyle news site for Seattle’s young professionals who are in-the-know and on-the-go. With a pulse on the latest in dining, travel, fashion, entertainment, events and more, Seattleite is the premiere lifestyle resource to deliver the latest news and happenings around the city, showcasing the best that the Puget Sound region and the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Seattleite helps savvy Seattleites get the most from where they live.

Meet the Seattleite Team!

Aakanksha Agarwal, Food&Wine, + Travel | Aakanksha is an experienced wine, travel, and lifestyle writer from India. Whether it’s scribbling poems in the back of math books, or editing the school paper, she’s always been enraptured by the written word. She studied Fashion Communication in Mumbai and worked as a celebrity stylist for Bollywood. She now lives in Seattle with her scientist-husband and baby boy and has transitioned (happily!) to writing full-time. She lives to tell stories and for her baby’s hysterical laughs and loves to cook (and eat!). On a typical day, you’ll find her curled up on the couch with a glass of Viognier in one hand and a dog-eared copy of modern mythology in the other. Fun fact: She’s a trained graphologist and can tell what your handwriting says about you!

Erika Almanza Brown | Erika is an experienced educator, freelance writer, and amateur photographer with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Grinnell College and a Master of Arts in Teaching from American University. A Texas native, Erika, has called Seattle “home” since 2011, where her articles have appeared in Seattle magazineSeattleite.com, and Seattle’s Child magazine. When she is not writing, Erika actively volunteers in her community including serving as Co-President for the La Isla Foundation, enjoys traveling with her husband and young daughter, and trying new pressure cooker recipes. Follow her on Instagram @ParentingInSeattle.

Molly Amber | Molly is a travel enthusiast who has a passion for food and wine. She is a freelance writer and attorney who grew up in the Portland area and has now called Seattle home for many years. She graduated from the University of Washington in 2013 and has a J.D. from Gonzaga University School of Law. Molly also studied Spanish and taught English in Spain for a year and a half-this is where she really solidified her love for travel and wine. She is currently studying to get her WSET Level 2 Certification in Wines, and hopes to open her own winery one day.

Danielle Hayden | Danielle is a freelance writer who grew up in the Motor City but has settled nicely in the more relaxed Seattle, which suits her laid-back personality just fine. She’s also pleased to report that living in the Pacific Northwest has made her a little more outdoorsy. She enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, absorbing new facts and learning new skills. Danielle is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Harvard University.

Jennifer Liu, Travel + Wellness |  Food Porn  | Weekend Wanderings  | Jennifer was born and raised in Seattle. From the gorgeous summer weather to the grey and drizzle the other nine months, this may be her forever home. She graduated from the University of Washington and has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. She loves to travel, especially weekend trips, visiting national parks, and any beach vacation. You can find her doing pottery, hiking, or hanging out with her pup. 

Nicole Logan, Events+Buzz Master | Nicole graduated from WSU and pursued a career in events and media where she traveled all around the U.S. and Canada.  When she landed back home, Nicole continued her drive in events and creating social media buzz and founded her own marketing consulting company and built a social media powerhouse, guiding people on the hottest events, trendiest restaurants, hotels and lounges. With Nicole’s influential social media voice and creative writing talent, she has contributed to Citysearch, The Puget Hound and SeattleTravel.com.  Her love for lifestyle, social culture, and the NW has led her to join the innovative and like-minded team at Seattleite.

Joseph Manuel, Sports Scribe | Joseph bounced around before settling in the Pacific Northwest, where he attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a BA in English. He has worked as a writer and editor for magazines, blogs, and greedy corporations, and currently works for an ad agency as a copy editor. Joseph basically owes his entire career to a football story he wrote once while waiting to digitally buy tickets to a game and which got featured by a large newspaper. He is a former sneaker enthusiast, a connoisseur of fruit gummy candy, and will watch any film from the 1970s, so please recommend some. Find him on Twitter @manjoseph, where he has absolutely no filter.

Angela McWethy, Dog Enthusiast |  Dog Days  | Angela was born and raised south of Seattle in the city of Des Moines (Washington, not Iowa). She graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. She currently works as a mental health practitioner in the medical field. When she’s not working with patients, you can find her attending a hot yoga class, walking Greenlake with her mini-dachshund and husband, going to live shows and concerts or traveling the world. If she could, she would take her dog everywhere with her! Find Angela on Twitter at @AngelaGarza21.

Jered Perez, Potent Potables Persuant |  Brew Barons  | With limited sobriety and liver function to budget, Jered searches for the most rapturous experiences per ABV. Preferences for spirits lean towards bold flavors of aged rums, mescals, gins, and whiskeys from the world over! When it comes to the legacy of the Sumarians, his pallet favors the richer flavors of stouts, porters, dark ales, and ciders. Sometimes the bright saisons, sours, pilsners, lagers, wit, and berliner weisse will suit better. When pressed for a simple answer, he echoes a quote from the Captain Hammer groupies… “I do the weird stuff!” Find him on Twitter @SeattleiteBrewBarons.

Andrea Pesola | Always one to have her hand in a bit of everything, Andrea graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Social Justice, Global Studies and Communication Studies. Having lived in the great state of Minnesota her whole life, she made the jump to Seattle in 2016 and quickly settled into the rain-soaked forests. When she’s not at the University of Washington running events for the Foster School of Business, you can most likely find her with a beer in her hand enjoying local PNW fare at one of the many top-notch restaurants in the area.

Kelsey Uy, Libation Enthusiast | Brew Barons | Kelsey graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Comparative History of Ideas. She grew up in the Seattle area and embraces the quirkiness of the city and reflects it in herself. She dislikes running, but is a hot yoga and circus arts devotee. Despite terrible allergies, Kelsey can be found fawning over cute animals because they’re worth it. She wishes there were more episodes of Doctor Who and is waiting for the TARDIS to appear. Kelsey is a nostalgic and still reads the paper every day. She believes fall doesn’t start with the appearance of the pumpkin spice lattés, but rather the onslaught of craft pumpkin beers. Find her on Twitter @SeattleiteBrewBarons.

Corinne Whiting, Experience Seeker | Culture Dose | A Seattle transplant from the other Washington, Corinne was bit by the travel bug early on. From Strasbourg, France (during her junior year at Georgetown University), Edinburgh, Scotland, where she got a masters degree in Cultural Studies—she feels grateful to have explored the globe ranging from Bolivia and Egypt to Turkey and China. After serving as associate editor at Where magazine in D.C., Corinne now embarks on a new adventure as a freelance writer and photographer, contributing to publications like National Geographic Traveler, Alaska Airlines magazine and Amtrak’s Arrive, and looks forward to exploring Seattle and debunking the rain myths, upping her coffee quotient, hearing heaps of live music and finding her Zen near the water as often as possible.


Michael Lee, Food Photo Extraordinaire | Michael learned how to develop film in a dark room before getting into digital photography in 2009. He loves the whimsical idea of taking pictures as freezing moments in time. He currently works at an aviation consulting firm and is going to school for physical therapy. He loves to travel and enjoys shooting food so he can document what he’s eaten. Michael is currently Seattleite’s head food photographer.