Bragging Rights: Custom Chihuly Pool Sculpture

Chihuly Pool Sculpture, availalbe at Neiman Marcus

If you want to have something to brag about, consider transforming your pool into a world-class private work of art from one of our most famous Seattleite’s, Dale Chihuly. This custom pool sculpture installation is offered exclusively in this year’s 2010 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book for a cool 1.5 million.

Chihuly sculpture pool, availalbe at Neiman Marcus

Chihuly creates breathtaking designs in glass, from room-size hanging Chandeliers to vibrant outdoor architectural installations and glass gardens, to the Crystal Trees of Light at the White House. This luxury gift offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a privately commissioned Chihuly art installation measuring up to 22 feet by 12 feet—at the bottom of your swimming pool. Drawing from the forms and fluidity of nature, Chihuly combines vibrant colors and rich textures to create an aquatic experience that is both organic and fantastic.

The lucky recipient will also be able to work with the artist’s studio for a rare inside look at Chihuly’s creative process. You can see more of the fantasy items in this year’s 2010 Christmas Book here.