What Seattleites Want in 2011

Photo: Christine Buffalow; Styling: Joel Sandova

Not at all a sarcastic or political perspective.

Photo: Christine Buffalow; Styling: Joel Sandova

As the citizens of the Puget Sound settle into 2011, there is undoubtedly a feeling of renewal as 2010 is washed away by a shower of optimism and limitless expectation.

This new year will be infinitely better. It will be more peaceful, more productive and more prosperous. We’ll shed unwanted pounds, become better human beings and enjoy the record amount of sunshine Mother Nature has decided to bestow upon us. It’s gonna be sweet.

Okay, that’s probably not how 2011 will unfold.  However, there are a handful of things we can all agree we’d like to see in the next 12 months.

A Merciful La Nina

People far smarter than us have predicted that the weather phenomenon known as La Nina will wreak havoc on the Pacific Northwest this winter.  That means more clouds, more storms and more precipitation. La Nina’s impact was felt as she crippled the region just days before Thanksgiving. How much worse will it get? No one knows for sure. But if the freezing temperatures and record snowfall of that week in November are any indication, it could be a long cold winter. Let’s hope the city’s gotten a little better at snow clearing since 2008.

Less Ballot Initiatives

Democracy is a great thing. But do we really need to be the ones to make the final decision on every possible controversial subject that comes through Olympia? Isn’t that why we elect and pay politicians? To make tough, informed choices? Instead, we’re bombarded with petitioners asking us to sign this thing and that onto the ballot. Then, once it’s there, we’re subject to months of propaganda as special interests groups on both sides of each and every argument fund a parade of commercials that numb our minds and confuse the issue. There has to be a better way. You know, like representative government.

More Casinos

You know what we could use more of in Western Washington? Casinos. Sure, even a moderate amount of TV watching exposes the average Seattleite to roughly a million casino commercials a year (an unproven estimate), but do these resorts really meet our gambling needs? We say no. And that’s why we’d like to see a one-to-one casino to coffee shop ratio. Or better yet, casinos in coffee shops. These café’s could be our one stop shopping for blackjack, lattes and washed-up ‘80s bands. Who wouldn’t want that?

Less Taxes

If there’s one thing people in the Puget Sound region like less than California transplants, it’s taxes. Every November, ballot initiatives that call for higher taxes get thoroughly thwarted. We may be woefully short in funding some of the basic necessities that come with running a large urban metropolis, but that’s how we roll. We’ll just keep scraping by and cutting services as we go. What could possibly go wrong with that strategy?

The Return of NBA Basketball

While many local sports fans still have the bitter taste of betrayal lingering in their collective mouths, we have to imagine they’re at least a little excited at the prospect of the New Orleans Hornets moving to the Emerald City. There’s been a lot of talk circulating in recent weeks that mega-rich Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is interested in purchasing the franchise with the buckets of money he just procured through stock sales. If this came to pass, not only would we get to have the Seattle Sonics back, we’d inevitably see a spike in tattoo parlor revenues. Win-win.

Although this article involved a lengthy and timely research process to nail down the most sought-after items for 2011, we’re certain we may have left out an item or two on Seattleites’ wish lists for the year. Got one to share?