WE HEART: Dynamic Doctor, Chris Wolff

Photo: Erik Simkins

The Ultimate Catch: Intriguing Seattleites

Photo: Erik Simkins

Chris Wolff

37 | Seattle, WA

Hometown: Forest Lake, MN

Occupation: CEO+President of Vitality Specific & ADIO Consulting

Why We Heart Them

Chris moved to Seattle in 1998 from Minnesota, and the rest, as they say is history. He calls himself a true Seattleite, he migrated to the great Northwest for an externship after he graduated from the University of Minnesota, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic. He excelled quickly and was offered an opportunity to open a local chiropractic clinic in the Seattle area.

Since then, Chris has dominated the chiropractic industry and has opened and operated several clinics in the community. His company, Vitality Specific, is one of the leaders in the business. Doctors at Vitality are all certified in a “specialist” technique called the “blair” technique, which involves using special 3D digital images of the joints of the neck, allowing the doctor to custom design corrections to misalignment without harsh popping or cracking of the neck.  There are only 200-300 doctors worldwide who’re trained to practice this unique technique.

His dynamic experience has positioned him as an expert in the field, and Chris has recently launched ADIO Consulting, a coaching company for chiropractors – teaching them how to market and operate their businesses to be successful.

When Chris isn’t achieving success in the work world, he is accomplishing  success in the world of athletics. He has competed and placed in top positions in numerous Ironman competitions, including Couer d’Alene, Arizona, Austin,  Hawaii, Malibu and much, much more. He also devotes his spare time to volunteering at Seattle Children’s Hospital and Boys and Girls Club in Ballard, and has been a long time donor to the Ballard Food Bank, as well as a proud supporter of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite and The Eve Branson Foundation.

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