WE HEART: Ambitious Entrepreneur, Shalonne Foster

Photo: Annie Brady; Location: SPUN Sustainable Collective

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Photo: Annie Brady; Location: SPUN Sustainable Collective


30 | Renton, WA

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Corporate Marketing Maven & Entrepreneur

Why We Heart Them

Shalonne is a stylish and successful business woman with an impressive corporate background. Formally with Costco in their marketing department, she managed the Affinity Marketing Program, where she worked with heavy-hitter clients such as Microsoft, Dell,  Pepsi Cola and At&T (just to name a few).

Always the risk-taker, Shalonne had an entrepreneurial spirit at heart, and left her corporate hat in 2007 to travel and launch her interior design business. After starting a design business in a down economy, she decided to switch gears and move into the fashion industry.

Inspired by a trip to Europe, where she attended Paris Fashion Week, Shalonne wanted to import the vibrant fashion scene and bring it back to Seattle to highlight the local fashion community. Her talent, drive and ability to accomplish whatever she put her mind to, led her to venture into a new endeavor, founding Fashion Network-Seattle in 2009.

Her vision was to promote local designers, photographers, models and other industry professionals, as well as local boutiques to help build a credible and profitable fashion industry in Seattle through highlighting the talent that makes up Seattle’s Fashion Industry. Today, Fashion Network-Seattle is the preferred source for fashion-related content in the Seattle Metro Area.

This ambitious and independant woman also donates her time to Sew Beautiful, a central-area organization dedicated to exposing youth to the opportunities in the fashion industry. But when she’s not busy building her career, she enjoys quiet down time with reading, horseback riding and traveling.

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