Totems For Living: A Modern Approach to Indoor Décor

(from left) Laveer, Calico and Centina; Photo: Oeuffice

Oeuffice reveals a trio of new shelves that are a functional feast for the eyes.

Middle Eastern shelf design gets a modern makeover in the new offering from Oeuffice — a collaboration between Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte of Samare Studio and Jakub Zak of Studio Patricia Urquiola. The Totems for Living collection, which debuted during Milan Design Week 2011, and is the first set from this duo of highly-renowned designers.

(from left) Laveer, Calico and Centina; Photo: Oeuffice

Each model in this three-piece ensemble manifests a different décor vibe. The Laveer is fashioned from hand-curved steel and finished in turquoise mint, which gives the design a contemporary feel. The Centina, on the other hand, is rendered from solid oak and stained for an earthy, natural appearance. Rounding out this collection is the Calico, made from a hand-poured methacrylate resin and touched up with a misty opal color. The careful construction and clean lines of these three shelves are mesmerizing, adding a touch of minimalist chic to any room.

As functional as they are stylish, anything may be displayed on these shelves — vintage vases, family photos or classic works of literature. The shelves stand at a height of approximately 67 inches, adding excellent vertical dimension to any room with glaring empty space.

For more information about projects or sales by Nicholas Bellevance-Lecompte and Jakub Zak contact Samare Studio or Studio Patricia Urquiola, respectively.