Everything Old is New Again: Ebbets Field Flannels

(From left): Seattle Rainiers 1953 Home Jersey ($129); Vancouver Mounties 1958 Home Jersey ($99)

Edgy fashion is all well and good, but sometimes you just need a time-tested favorite.

Sure, you could call them “old school,” “throwbacks” or “retro,” but Ebbets Field Flannels prefers to think of themselves as classic and timeless. The Seattle-based vintage sportswear company has been providing retro-themed attire to its customers for 20 years.

(From left): Seattle Rainiers 1953 Home Jersey ($129); Vancouver Mounties 1958 Home Jersey ($99)

“Vintage is all we do and we are experts at creating garments that capture the essence of original American sportsgear,” says Ebbets founder Jerry Cohen.

It all started when Cohen went searching for some baseball apparel for himself. “I wanted to wear a classic baggy baseball jersey,” he explains. After searching high and low — only to be disappointed with the results — Cohen decided to make his own vintage jerseys. After he made one for himself, his friends all wanted one too. A company was born.

Fast forward 20 years and Ebbets sells everything from baseball caps and jerseys to flannels and good ol’-fashioned T-shirts. The goods contain original team logos and emblems that are faithfully researched to ensure historical accuracy. These items would make even Babe Ruth proud.

“We use authentic fabrics and, where possible, the original manufacturing process to ensure the authenticity of our products,” Cohen says. “Clothing from us can’t go out of style because it is timeless.”

Ebbets must be doing something right because retail greats such as J. Crew and Supreme have commissioned the company for its products. Eat your heart out Jackie Robinson.

Ebbets Field Flannels |  408 Occidental Ave. South, Seattle |  (888) 896-2936