Sexy Food: Seaweed 101

Unleash your fantasy — a dirty sexy experience on Lopez Island.

There is nothing more sensual than a naked body swathed in seaweed. It’s a mermaid-meets-Poseidon fantasy come to life. While this may not be the exact premise of Seaweed 101: A Seaweed Harvesting Adventure, I’m sure it could be arranged.

Even better, this sustainable weed from the sea is wholly edible and also good for you, which is like having your cake and eating it off a six-pack of glistening abs, too.

Seaweed 101 is the brainchild of Jennifer Adler, a Certified Nutritionist and adjunct faculty professor at Bastyr, but don’t let her fancy accolades intimidate you. Jennifer is a gorgeous blonde ball of energy and ideas — one who possesses that rare ability of making education fun.

Three Seaweed 101 courses, held throughout the summer on scenic Lopez Island, teach adventuresome Seattleites how to harvest seaweed by kayak in the sunny swells of the Puget Sound. The classes go well beyond simple harvesting though; by the end of the weekend, attendees will have learned the proper way to cook and eat seaweed, as well as various other sea vegetables.

“We travel to beautiful Lopez Island to hike, kayak and learn the ecology and uses of seaweed and sea vegetables,” Adler says. “In addition to harvesting, drying and pickling enough seaweed to last your family the entire year, we will incorporate sea vegetables into all of our meals.”

[tentblogger-youtube UJTBT1oDG3A]

Perhaps the most intriguing part is “to experience what it feels like to sit in an ancient kelp bed.” I’m going to talk to Jennifer about making sure this happens in the buff, preferably with toga-clad firemen feeding us seaweed-wrapped grapes.

If you’re looking for a summer island adventure that is close to home and won’t break the bank, check out the Seaweed 101 website for further details.

Seaweed 101 |  1904 3rd Avenue, Suite 918, Seattle  |  (206) 595-0376