Eat Play Love: Wellness With A View

At this Whistler fitness retreat, tough workouts and deep relaxation go hand-in-hand.

Stillness surrounds you as you soak in the hot tub and stare out at the fog rolling in over the snow-capped Coast Mountains of Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort. It’s completely quiet — except for your loud, throbbing muscles, still screaming at you after six hours of exercise in a single day.

But that’s just part of the Eat Play Love experience. You push your body to its limits, but at least you do it surrounded by beautiful scenery. When you’ve finished burning your muscles, your reward is relaxation at an all-inclusive luxury resort.

EPL offers three, five or seven-day fitness vacations at Whistler throughout the year. The getaway is filled with hiking, yoga, and boot-camp circuit training every day — as well as a whole lot of eating! Guests “indulge” in healthy gourmet meals, prepared by a personal chef and eaten as a group. It’s easy to form bonds quickly with other participants after supporting each other through grueling workouts. You may even make friends for life!

The trip is certainly more than your typical fitness boot camp — it’s an experience that comes from EPL founder Simone Lovell’s passion for changing lives. You’ll still get tough love from your trainers (don’t let Lovell’s petite frame fool you — she’s hardcore), but behind their drive to get you to do one more squat is a desire to transform your life.

Lovell says participants frequently lose between three and six pounds in a weekend. While that’s a wonderful accomplishment, she hopes she can give them the tools they need to keep it up at home. Guests go home with recipes, nutrition tips, planned workouts and contact information for their trainers when they need another push.

There’s one last thing you’ll take with you — an aching body. Trust me, I could barely move for at least a week. And it was worth it.