Happy Feet: Travel Footwear For Ladies

Make your feet smile with these easy to travel comfy options.

Holidays are hectic. The last thing you need are uncomfortable feet from all the hustle and bustle. Make this year’s vacation a breeze with our picks on these must-have travel shoes.

Feet Roll-Up

Footzyrolls are the perfect shoe for airplane travel. They roll and fold up into almost nothing, and then spring back to action at a moment’s notice. The brand’s newest line, “Komfyz,” are lined with fur and slip on easily, to keep your toes warm during those long flights and neverending lines. Footzyrolls are available in black and tan.

Footzyrolls | $30

Flip-Flop Feet

If you travel somewhere warm this year, express yourself comfortably with the hottest sandal on the market. TKEES leather sandals are sophisticated and stylish, and are available in more than 40 different colors, including nude and gem tones.

TKEES | $48


Stylish Feet

Wish you could pack a whole spa in your carry-on? Now you can with these new spa-inspired ballet flats, courtesy of OKA b. Adorned with bows, ribbons and beads, the flats are available in a variety of vibrant colors. Not only are they classic and trendy, they’re the most comfortable shoes you’ll ever wear. All OKA b. shoes feature ergonomic footbeds to slim and support your feet as you walk, with inner-massage beads that pamper your foot with every step.

OKA b. | $45