New Year’s Eve Looks From Cameron Levin

The local designer unveils a new collection just in time for the big countdown.

From the make-up, hair and nails to the perfect pair of pumps, ladies love to doll-up to the nines during this festive time of the year — but the ultimate party accessory is the dress.

(L-R) Teacup Skirt $120, Feather Dress $600, Black Waterfall Dress $180.

According to local fashion designer Cameron Levin, you can never go wrong with beads or feather appliqués. Levin sees fashion as an art form, and she recently debuted her second glamorous, eco-friendly collection — The Sati 2012 — just in time for the grandest party of the year.

The Tea-Cup Skirt: This flirty mini is a statement without any extra accessories.  It’s made from 100 percent black silk organza with black feather trim, and lined with 70 percent hemp and 30 percent silk. Not only does this ensemble look hot — it’s also eco-friendly.

Feather Gown: Last year’s “Black Swan” took the feather trend to a whole new level, but Levin’s Feather Gown makes a statement in a timeless way. Made from a 100 percent silk skirt and 95 percent bamboo lining, this gown is sure to turn heads.   

Black Waterfall Dress: Perfect for your everyday routine — as well as that extra-special occasion –this “little black dress” is a fashion piece every woman should own. The dress is made from 95 percent organic cotton jersey with 100 percent silk chiffon panels.

These New Year’s Eve looks (and more) are available at SPUN Sustainable Collective in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

SPUN Sustainable Collective  |  1515 14th Ave., Capitol Hill  |  (206) 328-2102