Seattleite Book Club: March 2012

Dear Seattleite Readers,

Welcome to the Seattleite Book Club – the only virtual book club that spotlights the Pacific Northwest’s own authors and publishers!

Last month we featured “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul”, by Howard Schultz with Joanne Gordon. It’s a straightforward book about how Starbucks worked through its troubles during the economic crisis to come out stronger than before, as the leading coffee authority. “Onward” is a great read for anyone interested in understanding the ups and downs of a major local business according to dynamic businessman, Howard Schultz. 

March Selection: “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle: Best Local Specialties, Markets, Recipes, Restaurants & Events” by Keren Brown.

Fabulous foodie Keren Brown is known for her blog, and for her work as founder and organizer of the local foodie networking and event company, Foodportunity. As of last spring, she’s brought her seasoned food writing to a whole other level by releasing her book, the “Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle: Best Local Specialties, Markets, Recipes, Restaurants & Events”.

According to Keren, “The Food Lovers’ Guide is pocket-sized, practical and gives you a taste of Seattle with references to the businesses that you need to know about,” she said. “The Seattle twist is that you get a lot of background on the people in the scene so you feel like you are a part of it.

Divided by regions, the guide has a close look at the central neighborhoods of Seattle, including West and South Seattle, Downtown, Central and North Seattle. Brown focuses on the rich foodie sensations that define our city’s foodie culture, and with over 400 listings, this guide really is the ultimate food-lover’s handbook.

It’s a small, helpful little book that fits easily in your handbag or backpack for longtime Seattleites and visitors alike, and it was meant to capture the Seattleite food scene from an expert’s point of view, says Keren. “It was inspired by all the questions people ask me about the food scene. I wanted a book that tells people from a food blogger or foodie’s perspective of what the scene is like. It fills the need for a down-to-earth and approachable guide to everything food in Seattle, one that supports the local food scene,” she said.

Packed with information from food education, to recipes, to restaurant reviews, Keren Brown takes readers on an in-depth journey from coffee shop to market, café to high-end restaurant, neighborhood by Seattle neighborhood. Farmer’s market junkies, vegetarians, and the folks who’d rather make it at home won’t be disappointed either. If you’re into eating local, you’ll appreciate Keren’s favorite part of the guide: the “Made Here” section, “where you can find local artisan foods. I love all these local businesses and gifts for food lovers,” Brown says.

The book primarily features the hotspots in the city itself, with recommended orders and items for nearly each stop, in addition to the usual location and contact information, price ranges, etc. Following the listings is a section for local recipes as well as a small guide for the destination restaurants on the Eastside.

“Food Lovers’ Guide” was published and released in 2011, but that doesn’t mean Keren is done with discovering and forecasting things to come for Seattleites and local foodies! “The new food trends that I see coming are more pop-up restaurants, more comfort food and more street food,” she says.

Keren is looking forward to some great new eateries as well, ones that haven’t quite opened and therefore didn’t make it into the guide: “A new grilled cheese food truck by the name of Monte Cristo, an evening dessert space by the name of The Molten Chocolate Cakery and Restaurant Bea, a new eatery in Madrona,” Brown said.

“Whether foraged or farmed, Seattleites are blessed with a backyard full of the Northwest’s most diverse, unique produce and local seafood,” Brown writes. “For many, the Seattle food scene is a lifestyle, a way of life that embraces the homemade, the local, and the sustainable.”

“Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle” is available on Amazon for about $10, and at all major bookstores, including Barnes & Noble.