Design Junkie: Cool Speakers

Make your beats stand out.

Swap your clunky old sound system for a set of sleek speakers that you’ll want to show off.  As sound system capabilities improve, so do their designs.  Choose a speaker system that fits your home’s style and proudly play your music!

Modern Sounds

If you don’t want a sound system that detracts from your décor get the JMC Soundboard – a speaker system that camouflages as a modern art piece. The board has a contemporary shape and is light and rigid for optimum sound capabilities. Due to the speaker’s omnidirectional wave it allows music to penetrate the entire room, while not even noticing the speaker is there.

JMC Soundboard | Available at JMC

Unique Sounds

Blumenstein speakers are a Seattle-based company and we couldn’t be more proud!  Their speakers are of exceptional quality – handmade with woods and finishes that compliment both the speaker’s sound and aesthetic.  These one-of-a-kind speakers are a great musical and décor addition to the home!

Blumenstein Ultra-Fi | $600-$1,600 | Available at Blumenstein

Trendy Sounds

 Get a quality sound system in a great design with Tuned by Kenwood speakers. These speakers appear as if they are melting, but are actually crafted out of glass.  The block of ice design is unique for a speaker system and its glass composition makes it versatile for many home decors.

Tuned by Kenwood | Available soon

Retro Sounds

Case of Base speakers from Portland, OR make retro inspired speakers with vintage parts.  Their Debonair Class Little Thumper speaker is designed after a vintage carry-on and powered by a 150W amp and LED indicator.  This eye-catching speaker will add personality to your current decor and provide a great sound for your vintage tunes.

Debonair Class Little Thumper |  Available at Case of Base