Pilates We Crave: Bodycenter Studios

This ‘holistic’ Pilates approach brings complete well-being to the body.

Wellness Zone

Bodycenter Studios has shared the benefits of Pilates with hundreds of people in the Seattle community over the past decade, helping to achieve balanced bodies, improved movement patterns and an increased level of fitness. “Holistic Pilates” is Bodycenter’s approach, underscoring the organic and functional relationship between exercise, daily movement and the complete well-being of the individual. They also offer physical therapy and massage services.

Crave Factor

Because they are also a training facility, they stay current with new research in the physical therapy and exercise science fields. Their clients benefit from this continuing education by receiving more individualized focus in their sessions that really addresses their needs.

Bodycenter Studios  | 4250 8th Ave NW #100, Seattle | (206) 633-4800

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