Natural Beauty We Crave: Good Hair Salon

Embrace those curls and enhance their natural beauty.

Wellness Zone

Good Hair Salon is a passionate, educated team with a vision for a community that embraces, values, and redefines the beauty that is naturally curly hair. Good Hair is the leading hair care salon in Seattle for curly, kinky and locked hair. They are proud to be the first salon to faithfully serve clientele interested in natural hair care.

Crave Factor

Good Hair Salon is an environment that nurtures and celebrates the community of individuals who choose to embrace their naturally kinky, curly and locked hair textures. With specialties such as Moroccan Oil Hot Steam Treatments, Carol’s Daughter Olive Oil Masks, Loc Extensions, and Deva Cut Techniques, Good Hair Salon seeks to reveal the authentic, natural beauty that each and every one of its clients possesses.

Good Hair Salon | 1918 E. Yesler Ste C, Seattle | (206) 709-7699

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