Summer Jet Set: Extreme Getaways

Don’t settle for a merely relaxing vacation– make your next trip extreme with a fast-paced global excursion. Bike along Spanish beaches, slide down Japanese waterfalls, and hike arctic glaciers on three thrilling adventures that can only be described as unforgettable.

Biking Barcelona

Backroads offers an exotic cycling excursion through the best of Spain. You’ll bike and hike from the alpine villages of Barcelona to the white-sand beaches of Costa Brava, and explore the Pyrénées foothills straddling France in between. The adventure doesn’t stop with activities, as some of this six-day trip’s highlights are experiencing Catalan cuisine and lodging. Fresh seafood, wine tasting, and nights spent in a modernist château and 15th-century farmhouse are included in the trip.

Spain Biking Tour | From $4,198 | Backroads

Japan’s natural Slip and Slide

Explore the Japanese countryside as you slide down natural water falls and slip across ropes through rivers. Canyons offers canyoning tours through Minikami, a village in two hours from Tokyo. Canyoning involves rappelling, swimming, climbing, and sliding through the outdoors. On this adventure, you’ll spend most of your time in the water, sliding down 65-foot waterfalls, leaping down picturesque descents, and swimming through crystal clear pools. Canyons also offers combination tours, including bungee jumping, paragliding, and downhill mountain biking.

Minakami Canyoning | From $145 | Canyons 

Way Down South

Families of whales beneath you, albatrosses above you, and swarms of penguins around you. Though the icy wonderland of Antarctica that you see on travel shows may seem like a distant fantasy, it’s completely accessible by cruise ship. Spend your next vacation in a mysterious continent that few humans experience. G Adventures offers a travel experience starting in Ushuaia, Argentina, known as the most southern city in the world, to the coast of Antarctica. Hike massive glaciers, visit the world’s driest desert, and watch flocks of pink flamingos on a polar cruise through South America and the unspoiled lands of Antarctica. Start researching your excursion now, but don’t plan on leaving until later in the fall– the continent is dark during our summer months.

In-Depth Antarctica and Patagonia Experience | From $7499 | G Adventures