Summer Jet Set: Digital Travel Trends

Streamline your travels with some time saving trends.

Planning a vacation takes a lot of time and work, and with a busy schedule it’s not something everyone has time to do.  So stop worrying about the little details and use these travel trends to simplify the process! 

Social Networking Tour Guide

Maps are so passé!  Find your way with the use of The Cricket, a wrist-worn travel guide that lets you and your social networking friends make suggestions on travel spots around the globe.  The Cricket works by vibrating when you are near a suggested destination and then works as a compass to help you find that location. If you are worried about too many suggestions you can customize the type of suggestions you receive as well as what direction or paths you would like to take to get there.

Digital Identification

Traveling means organization, and unfortunately we aren’t all as organized as we would like to be.  Lucky for us there is MiiCard, an online identity site that is essentially a “digital passport” proving your identity without physical documentation.  This service proves who you when and wherever physical documentation is required.

Online Travel Agent

Touristlink, a social network for travelers, simplifies the vacation planning process. Just like other social networking sites users communicate by creating a profile this one includes past and future destinations as well as traveling recommendations.  What makes this site beneficial for the planning process is that it puts you in direct contact with travel agents, hotel owners and locals who can give you direct quotes and information.