Summer Jet Set: Out Of This World

Planes, trains, and automobiles have nothing on these extravagant modes of travel.

From the depths of the sea to the far side of Earth’s atmosphere, a trip in one of these vehicles is anything but terrestrial.

Intergalactic Travel

Richard Branson is making your childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut come true. Join Brad Pitt, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, and the 500th registered passenger, Ashton Kutcher, on a SpaceShipTwo flight. Virgin Galactic created the spaceship for anyone to experience zero gravity and intergalactic views. After buying your $200,000 ticket, attending three days of training, and boarding the six-passenger ship, you’ll lift off for a two-and-a-half hour flight with six minutes of weightlessness. Virgin expects the first ship to leave at the end of 2013.

Virgin Galactic Space Flight | $200,000 | New Mexico

Submerged Travel

See a vibrant, nautical world, 100 feet below sea level. Hawaii’s Atlantis Submarines offers a fully submerged journey into the tropical deep, with views of sunken ships and thousands of fish. The eco-tour is an earth-friendly way to explore the environment without the sogginess of a scuba suit.

Atlantis Submarine Tour | $99 | Maui, Hawaii

Aerial Travel

Perhaps the most bizarre-looking form of aerial travel, wingsuit flying might also be the most exhilarating. Also called flying squirrel suits or bat suits, these jumpsuits allow for horizontal gliding when skydiving or BASE jumping. WestCoast Wingsuits provides training for this bird-like form of flying, so you can learn to soar through the skies.

Wingsuit School | from $1100 | Sacramento, Calif.