Dynamic Seattleite: Swimsuit Fashionista, Niveen Heaton of Adicora Swimwear

Trendsetting and trailblazing — this fashion designer is heating up Seattle with her feminine and sexy swimwear line.

Niveen Heaton of Adicora Swimwear. Photo by Cordell Hardy.

As the Founder and Creative Director of Adicora Swimwear, Niveen draws inspiration from both her native Venezuela and the current runway trends.  She says, “eventually I became a bikini addict and to fulfill my addiction I decided to open up my own company.”

This fashionista’s love affair with design started when she was only eight years old and her mom refused to buy more clothes for her dolls.  Niveen quickly decided to make her own and her love for design spiraled from there. Eventually Niveen went on to study Design at The Fashion Institute of Valencia.

With the influence of a good friend Niveen headed to Seattle in 2004 in the pursuit of becoming a swimsuit designer.  Soon after her move worked with a women’s shoe company in product development and design.  While there Niveen’s knowledge of the industry increased and in 2009 she took the plunge and started her own swimwear line, Adicora.

Adicora is a luxury swimwear line focusing on quality swimsuits in vibrant colors and designs; a mix of Niveen’s native South American flair and current American style.  Adicora is not mass-produced meaning that each suit is one-of-a-kind and well made.

Essentially, Niveen wanted to create a line that would inspire every girl to be confident.  Whether you are sweet or sassy Niveen has designed a style that will embrace who YOU are.

The line is not only versatile, but it is also eye catching.  The popular ‘Casandra’ bikini is a simple silhouette in a colorful snake print while the ‘Sunrise’ suit screams trendsetter with its brightly colored fringe detail.

After premiering Adicora’s 2012-2013 collection Tropicana at Metropolitan Fashion Week and being featured in Maxim on model Cassandra Dawn, Adicora’s brand is attracting high marks from critics and customers alike.  Some of the most buzzed about items are Adicora’s ‘Lolani’ bikini in a tropical print and the fashion forward ‘Neguita’ bikini in a dark jungle print.

In order to keep her line relevant this fashionista constantly seeks inspiration. “We follow the latest music trends, architecture, people, and fashion.  I find inspiration in everything,” says Niveen.  She is on a continuous search for new shapes, colors and unique fabrics to raise the bar for her next swimwear line.

When Niveen isn’t on the look out for inspiration in the city or on the beach you will find her painting, styling or planning an event.  She exclaims, “creating is my passion and I love to do all those things.”

However, on her down time, you can find Niveen indulging in banana pancakes at Palisade or out and about shopping the vintage scene.

Niveen’s passion and attention to detail have aided in the success of Adicora Swimwear.  Currently her swimwear is available throughout the country in many stores and boutiques, but Adicora’s ultimate goal is to expand to major retailers and eventually become an international brand.  Her aspirations don’t stop there, as she hopes to one day have her designs walk the runways at Miami Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

With hard work and passion Niveen has built the success of Adicora swimwear from the bottom up.  She is living proof that childhood dreams can become a reality.  With that said we can’t wait to see her live out her next dream of gracing the runways in Miami in the near future!