Dynamic Seattleites: Mobile Fashionistas, Allison Norris and Amanda Linton

Photo by Cordell Hardy.

Trendsetting and trailblazing — these fashion forward ladies are changing the way Seattleites shop for vintage digs with their boutique on wheels.

Allison Norris and Amanda Linton of Kippy Ding Ding. Photo by Cordell Hardy.

Allison Norris and Amanda Linton are two young moms who have created Kippy Ding Ding, a mobile vintage boutique that could make any girly-girl squeal with excitement.

“Kippy is an adorable, whimsical, funky 16-foot trailer,” Norris said. “Kippy is now full of fun dresses, skirts, tops, sunglasses, handbags and insane jewelry — all vintage.”

The idea to take their shop to the streets was inspired by something Linton noticed while living in Los Angeles.“I kept seeing more and more pop-up shops as well as mobile boutiques start to take off,” she said. “It was a concept that just stuck with me. I loved the idea!”

The two met in a coffee shop. The conversation was initially about their children, but soon turned to their shared love of all things vintage. When Linton mentioned the mobile-boutique trend she had seen, Norris was shocked that Seattle didn’t have one of its own.

After bouncing the idea around for a while longer, the two finally decided to try to find a trailer to bring their vision to life.

“My dad just so happened to have one and said we could have it!” Norris said. “The rest is history.”

Even the shop’s name is vintage.  “Kippy” is a term from the 1930s meaning “neat.”

“We had a whole list of vintage words and terms and just coming back to ‘kippy,’” Norris said. “It’s playful and feminine.”

The “Ding Ding” hints to the mobility of the innovative shop by imitating the sound of a bell, Norris said.

Norris’ mother owned her own consignment antique shop while she was growing up, and Norris worked in the store when she was 10 until she left to attend college at Pacific Lutheran University.  She said she learned how to hunt, trade, sell and merchandise while working there.

“I always joked that I would never like ‘old’ things again because there was old stuff everywhere in our house, and here I am, totally addicted,” she said. “Once you love old things, and you experience the rush of finding a great deal, I don’t think it ever goes away.”

Linton, on the other hand, worked as a stylist in Los Angeles for five years doing wardrobe for television, film and print.  She also was a personal shopper for red carpet events, press tours and public appearances.

“Amanda is so good at styling it’s ridiculous,” Norris said. “If she wasn’t married with babies, I would make her be my roommate just so she could dress me every day.”

The combination of Norris’ knowledge of hunting and trading and Linton’s fashion expertise makes the duo a perfect match for a trendy vintage boutique.

Kippy Ding Ding opened July 6 at the Freemont Art Walk.  Both Norris and Linton considered Kippy’s first day to be a wild success.

“She looked hot. She killed it. She worked hard for the money,” Linton said.

Shoppers will find all things summer when stopping by the adorable turquoise and white trailer. Everything from candy-colored sundresses and breezy skirts to oversized sunglasses and their very own line of one-of-a-kind, reconstructed necklaces made from a mixture of vintage earrings and brooches.

Linton said she is most excited about all the fun, new people she gets to meet, while Norris said she can’t wait to share the women’s love for vintage things with their fellow Seattleites.

“I’m excited to share our passion for all things old and cool with other people,” Norris said. “Our store is a reflection of us and what makes us excited. It’s a wonderful feeling to pass and item along to someone who loves and appreciates it as much as we do.”

Kippy Ding Ding travels around Seattle from parking long to parking lot, making it accessible and nearly irresistible.

“Kippy is like cotton candy on a stick. She is adorable and made with love and best of all she is convenient,” Linton said. “She delivers cuteness to wherever you may be — like a magical little puffy cloud that rains out pretty dresses and sparkly jewels.”

To find out where Kippy Ding Ding will be stationed next, check out the store’s Facebook or Twitter.