Fall Fashion Fever: Manly Accessories

Update your wardrobe with a few stylish accessories and instantly look fashionable for fall!

Personal style is all about the details; a simple keychain or new pair of shoes can say a lot about who you are.  By adding a few new accessories your fashionable fall look will go from runway to real way.


Everlane’s backpacks are a hot commodity so if you like what you see don’t hesitate! Everlane recently launched their first line of bags back in March to find that they sold out in under 3 hours.  These backpacks are designed and produced by the company and made with quality components.  The exterior is made of canvas and leather straps while the interior is made of waterproof nylon and includes a padded laptop sleeve.

Snap Backpack | $65 | Available at Everlane


Burgundy and Corduroy are some big trends to follow this fall.  Lucky for us Alexander Olch has combined the two trends into one classy tie.  The mix of old-fashioned fabric with Olch’s modern design results in a stylish tie that will be a showstopper at any holiday party or business meeting.

Fine Italian Corduroy Tie | $130 | Available at Alexander Olch


Pocket knives are essential, but the EDC (everyday carry kit) keychain by Kaufmann Mercantile is relevant as well as stylish.  This small keychain kit serves as a helpful tool for ordinary tasks. Unfortunately there is no knife, but there is a pry bar, screwdrivers, tweezers and most importantly a handy dandy lighter.

Everyday Carry Kit | $44 | Available at Kaufmann Mercantile


If you’re not ready to retire your summer dessert boots don’t fear!  Clark’s waxed desert boots are a perfect shoe to transition into fall.  The stiff leather and wax protectant makes the shoe durable enough for Seattle’s unpredictable weather.

Clarks Waxed Desert Boot | $110 | Available at Urban Outfitters