Style File: Hermes Exhibit at the Bravern Opens Today

Miguel Chevalier Hermes Installation

Art and culture have inspired fashion designers for centuries. Now, fashion inspires art and technology with digital installation artist, Miguel Chevalier’s “8 ties” installation at the Bravern. Drawing from the new Hermès Heavy Twill collection, Chevalier interprets and explores the design and pattern work of  Hermès’ 8-piece tie collection through two massive complementary installations that are interactive and multi-scensory.

Miguel Chevalier Hermes Installation

The first piece of the installation includes a virtual-reality wall projection inspired by Chevalier’s “Binary Wave” artwork. Visitors’ movements activate a generative music composed by the composer Jacopo Baboni Schilingi, and animate patterns of USB, Key Board or Binary ties.

The second installation is a more intimate experience offered in the form of an interactive virtual book adapted from his “Herbarius 2059.” In its pages, the visitor discovers the metaphorical texts written by philosopher Christine Buci-Glucksmann. They illustrate each of the modules as well as new and unexpected ways to knot a tie: the simple knot, the Windsor knot or the double simple knot and the multiple Windsor knot.

The exhibit is free and open to the public from Wednesday, October 31, through Tuesday, November 6, at the Exhibition Space at the Bravern.