What’s Hot: Relax and Get a Wax

The Wax Bar, a premium skin spa that offers customized waxing and facials while letting you sip on spirits, has officially opened their third location in Laurelhurst.The Wax Bar’s clean and modern atmosphere is so refreshing; it feels as though you have walked into a glamorous loft in upstate New York!  Grandiose gold mirrors, teal accents and crisp white walls set the mood for a relaxing wax – or at least a pleasant one.

Wax BarAs the name suggests Wax Bar is known for its removal of unwanted hair; however, this skin salon offers a variety of services.  Some of which include full-service waxing – everything from eyebrow waxes to Brazilians, seven different kinds of facials, skin lightening and for the adventurous out there, the hot new trend, “Bling-kini” (with none other than Swarovski crystals).

What makes Wax Bar unique to other skin salons is that clients are able to enjoy an alcoholic beverage before undergoing one of the many treatments listed above.  So what are you waiting for! Grab a drink and get pampered by one of Wax Bar’s premier estheticians – its more than bare-able, it’s hairless!

The Wax Bar | 4413 38th Ave NE, Seattle | (206) 466-1367