In the Know: Lunchbox Laboratory’s Kick Ass Hour

Truffle of Love Burger

If you find yourself on the eastside, in need of a refreshing change of pace, the Lunchbox Laboratory in Bellevue is definitely the place to stop. Any restaurant brilliantly littered with vintage lunchboxes, booze infused milkshakes, and a “Kick Ass Hour” (daily, 3-6 and 9-close) is sure to lift your spirits and please your taste buds! Sipping creative drinks like Folsom Prison or Toxic Tang on their sun filled patio is always great way to spend a sunny post-work evening. The only thing better than the drinks are their ingenious burger creations.

Truffle of Love Burger
Truffle of Love Burger

What’s Cool:

  • PBR and Vitamin R tall boys
  • Killer tater tots
  • Vintage lunchboxes to make you smirk
  • Imaginative cocktails that don’t break the bank
  • South Lake Union location if you don’t feel like crossing the lake

Lunchbox Laboratory | 989 112th AVE NE, Bellevue | (425) 505-2676