Spring Cleaning: Selling Your Stuff on thredUp (Conclusion: Try Tradesy Instead)

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thredUP is a fashion resale website for consumers to buy and sell secondhand clothing online. Order a free Clean Out Kit, pack it with your gently used or new brand name items, send it back. I’ve tried selling on Poshmark and on Tradesy as well as locally at Plato’s Closet. thredUP ranks third, in front of Plato’s Closet. Here’s my thredUP review.



You fill out this simple form and then a few days later, you will receive a polka dot bag to put your clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories into. Order your cleanup kit here.


Items listed under $60 get an immediate payout (“upfront”). Items listed over $60 get paid out when they sell (“consignment”). Typically, less than 40% of the clothing received is accepted. If you want the items back, you will have to pay $12.95 to get them shipped back to you. Unaccepted items you don’t want back are passed to third party sellers or textile recycling partners to be repurposed into new, useful products.

Interested in how much you can get? Try the payout estimator.

The seven items I sent in. Photo by Jennifer Liu.


My bag was received Wednesday, April 20th, and they expected it to be processed by May 15th. I received an that it was processed on April 26th. They accepted 3 items upfront (heels, Kate Spade passport holder, and the Free People crossbody) and 2 consignment items (Kate Spade purses).

Immediate payout: $36.98. Consignment: approximately $85.

For upfront items, they give you 10-40% of the anticipated sell price. For consignment items, they give you 50% payout and you can adjust the price. I sold the exact same black Kate Spade crossbody bag on Tradesy for $109 and they only deduct 9% for a total payout of $99.19. On thredUP, they listed it for $81 and I only get 50%, for a total payout of $40.50.

thredUP can be useful if you are going to throw away your items anyway (it’s $12.95 just to get them back!?) Since I asked them to send me back the items they couldn’t sell (the two dresses), my payout right now is at $23.99. As of May 12th, neither of the consignment items have sold.


Tradesy deducts 9% of the sale and they provide free shipping kits. On Poshmark, sales under $15 are subject to a flat commission of $2.95. Over $15, Poshmark collects 20%. Poshmark also provides shipping supplies. Both Tradesy and Poshmark have easy-to-use apps to take pictures and list your items, compare pricing, and get notifications when the item is sold or when buyers send you messages.

If you have a little bit of time and are willing to do a little bit more work, I would recommend Tradesy. The Tradesy app walks you through uploading all the pictures, inputting the information, and setting a fair price. They can provide the shipping labels or you can buy them yourself.

Happy spring cleaning!