Dog Days: Releases New Dog Walking Technology

New app feature provides real-time status updates, founded and based in Seattle, and now the nation’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers. Earlier this week, they introduced new technology into the mobile apps, enabling its sitters to provide peace of mind to their clients. The new feature allows pet sitters and dog walkers to easily track and share information with owners, including when they arrived at home, a GPS map of the dog’s walk, a personal message from the sitter, photos of the dog while in their care, and notes of any bathroom breaks along the way. The data is bundled up in a report card called a “Rover Card,” which is delivered to the owner immediately after the dog is safely back in their home with their owner.

Photo by Business Wire.

This new technology helps dog owners verify that the service of dog walking has actually been delivered. Dog owners are sometimes left concerned and wondering when they come home to a dog that’s still energetic or had in the house, what really happened when they were away.

Use of report cards

As mentioned above, the addition of having a report card answers pressing questions dog owners may have, including when the walker arrived, if their dog went to the bathroom, where, when, and how far they walked. Pet sitters and dog walkers can easily track and share information with you (the client) which helps to improve overall communication between the person providing care for your pet and the owner. The main goal of the report cards is to make communication consistent and beneficial for all users whether dog owner or pet care provider.

What’s included in the new feature?

  • Start and stop times for walks
  • A map of the dog’s walk
  • Pee, poo, food and water breaks
  • Cute photos and a personal note

The Rover app with Rover Cards is now available for iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit