Seattleite Spotlight: Leslie Ota of Posie Turner

We had the chance to chat with Leslie Ota, the founder of boutique sock company, Seattle-based Posie Turner. Leslie founded Posie Turner in the spring of 2015 with the motto, “modern socks with inspiring mantras.” Each pair of socks has a unique and vibrant design. Right now, they launch new styles in the spring and the fall. We want all of them. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we love the “Be Twelve“, sporting blue and green Seattle Seahawks pride and “Expect Miracles“. 

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Seattleite: How did you get the inspiration to start Posie Turner? 

Leslie: I have loved socks since I was a kid. I always had fun matching my socks to my mood or outfit. I like that you can either show them off or wear them privately. When I thought about the idea of writing inspirational messages on the socks, I got really excited about the idea. I always wanted a tattoo and thought that a sock was a fun way to be able to rotate an inspiring personal tattoo every day. I really appreciate the power of words and sharing them with others. After spending some time at my best friend’s farm in Costa Rica, I came back inspired and decided to go for it. It felt right in my heart and in my gut.

What does the name stand for?

Posie means a motto or inscription which ties back to the mantras on our socks. Turner is a strong name and represents the idea that we can all make a turn or shift at any moment in life.

Who comes up with the inspiring mantras? 

I do. It’s fun. I have a book that I write them in as they come up. I would love to have our customers and others share their ideas though.  If you read this, please email your favorite mantras to us!


Are the socks unisex? 

Yes, most of our styles are unisex. We currently offer one size right now, women’s 9-11, but a lot of men buy them if they have a size 10 foot or smaller. We are adding 9 styles this November in men’s size 10-13 which we’re super excited about!

What are some of your most popular styles?

Our Be Twelve Seahawks sock is really hot in Seattle right now. We find that most people either go for a lot of color or go more conservative with our classic collection of socks in black, gray and navy. They also choose based on the mantras. Our customers gift our socks a lot – it’s fun to see which mantras they choose for their family or friends.

Will Posie Turner expand into other products or stick to socks? 

We are focused on socks right now. Broadening into other categories is always possible though.

We sell in stores and at Locally, we sell at Frenchy’s, Hotel 1000, J Gilbert Shoes and some other boutiques. Swedish Hospital just started carrying Posie Turner in all of their hospital gift shops which we’re really excited about. We hope our socks will help to inspire a lot of healing in people’s lives. Inspiring others with our socks is really the foundation of what drives me to grow Posie Turner.


Photos by Posie Turner.