Seattle Seahawks vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Week 12 Recap


Well, it was an extremely unattractive game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, it was an ugly battle, particularly for the away team, as they mustered up a mere five points in a 14-5 loss. Not much to say here, really.

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From the opening kick, you could tell Tampa Bay was fired up as they went on a draining 14-play, seven-and-a-half minute drive that ended in a touchdown pass from Jameis Winston to Mike Evans. Evans finished with two touchdowns and always seemed to come up with a big play to keep the Seahawks’ defense on their toes (or, talons, if you will).

The first possession for the Birds went nowhere as Russell Wilson got sacked on second down and later threw incomplete, forcing Seattle to punt. 

On their second possession, Tampa Bay scored once again with Evans catching a 23-yard pass to put the home team up 14-0. After another punt from the Seahawks, they caught a break on TB’s next possession as they got called for a holding penalty in their own end zone. This resulted in a safety for the Seattle defense, which played a fine game despite the lack of offensive help.

The Seahawks scored a field goal on their next drive, completing their entire offensive output for the whole game, and ending all of the scoring for the entire day at 14-5. Did I mention it was an ugly game?

I mean, take a look at the second half:


And that was the ball game.

There was a close chance of recovery late in the fourth quarter, but we don’t really have to talk about those sacks on that final drive and the interception at the end.

On the plus side, Russell Wilson had his best rushing performance of the season, going for 80 yards. On the other side of that however, he was sacked six times. 

The Bucs looked extremely energized offensively and defensively, while the Seahawks’ offense was constantly harassed and sleepwalked through their routine. Perhaps it was turkey fatigue, or the travel, or the fact that they were playing entirely across the country, or that Michael Bennett and Earl Thomas were in absentia, or all the questions regarding their running game — regardless, it was definitely an off week.

Don’t sound the alarms yet — they did, after all have that 9-3 loss to the Rams in week two and of course that 6-6 tie against the Cardinals — but those setbacks, and today’s, seem to be anomalies in their season. 

They’ll be alright, in the words of King Kendrick Lamar.

In the meantime, the Washington Huskies are sitting pretty and have their biggest game in a very very long time on Friday for the PAC-12 title and a chance for the playoffs, so there’s that to help cope with this ugly, ugly loss. Hopefully they can defeat the Colorado Buffalo then eventually end up beating Alabama, because, well, someone, somewhere really needs to beat Alabama.

Seattle is thankfully at home next week where they take on a second consecutive Heisman winner in Cam Newton and his Carolina Panthers during Sunday Night Football, as we get treated to Carrie Underwood’s magnum opus, “Oh Sunday Night.”