5 Summer Wedding Trends You’ll Love

For summer 2017 weddings, the look is all about Mother Earth. From colors to wedding favors, embrace nature for an eco-conscious take on ‘I do!’


Today’s millennial couples are willing to pay the price for sustainability. According to a 2015 Nielsen survey, almost 75% of millennials will “pay more for products and services that come from companies who are committed to positive social and environmental impact.” The millennial wedding also reflects these socially conscious values.

But going green doesn’t have to be an in-your-face statement. Subtle beauty is the basis for authentic natural, eco-friendly wedding glamour. And, yes, going green can be glamorous. Check out these five Earth-loving trends that are popping up in weddings this summer.

Nature-Inspired Wedding Hues

Pantone released its Spring (& Summer) 2017 color forecast, and the colors are straight out of the four elements…and the garden. The palette includes Primrose Yellow (a bright sunny yellow), Pale Dogwood (a very pale blush beige), Hazelnut (a creamy and light warm brown), Island Paradise (described as a “refreshing aqua”), Greenery (bright green…and also the Color of the Year), Flame (a burst of bright orange), Pink Yarrow (a bright pink described by Pantone as “tropical and festive!”), Niagara (a “denim blue”), Kale (a yummy, almost olive green…just think of the veggie), and Lapis Blue (a deep, bold blue that looks exactly the color of Lapis Lazuli).

Mix and match the nature-based palette to create a unique color scheme that pulls from the beauty of the Earth.


Lush Greenery

Vertically placed décor is extremely popular, as is the use of greenery and organic floral arrangements; pairing the two trends creates ultimate impact. Instead of the traditional bouquets or arrangements placed on tables, many couples are using flowers and greenery like a chandelier. The effect evokes the canopy of the rainforest…and choosing lush tropical flowers heightens the effect. Going full green with lush plants placed overheads also channels the jungle…have fun with the beauty of plants and use them to create a personalized statement.

Encourage Guests to ‘Go Green’

The bags of chocolate kisses and personalized cookies are so last decade. Today’s guests are leaving the party with green lives in tow. Couples are embracing plants as wedding favors to encourage guests to live green. The Knot suggests giving “locally-grown herbs” in glass jars (recycled, of course) and tied with ribbons matching the wedding colors. Want to go greener?  Give guests small trees to plant in honor of your wedding day!

Set the Scene

Outdoor weddings offer the serenity and beauty of nature. Some couples opt for weddings in the middle of fields, in barns, or on the beach. Others exchange vows in the middle of the desert or in the mountains of Colorado. Nature is as unlimited as your imagination. For those who also want a touch of traditional, botanical gardens create picturesque backdrops when making forever vows.


Furry Friends

The Knot reports that animals are playing a big part in weddings this summer. And why not? Embrace the flora and the fauna and invite bunnies, puppies and llamas to add life to the party. Those cute and furry friends also create one-of-a-kind photo ops!

Weddings this summer pull from the beauty of nature. From the color palette to the backdrop, millennials embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle and their wedding celebrations reflect those sustainable values. But hosting a ‘green’ wedding isn’t just better for the planet, it’s also naturally beautiful!