New Late Night Menu at The Butcher’s Table

When the late night munchies strike, Seattleites can enjoy this new, full-flavored late night food and cocktail menu at The Butcher’s Table, a modern steakhouse located near South Lake Union, serving up its own Mishima Reserve Wagyu beef.

The late night menu’s inspiration comes from proprietor Kurt Beecher Dammeier’s travels. “During my travels to Colombia and Machu Picchu in Peru, I fell in love with the Peruvian cuisine and ceviche specifically. This experience blew my mind. It was like seeing shades of grey and then color for the first time,” said Kurt Beecher Dammeier.

Empa Nachos and Ceviche Tacos. Photo by Jennifer Liu.

“Both trips influenced my thinking on how flavors ought to be built. The result is our authentic and full-flavored late night menu with a visual, remarkable, crazy collaboration of ingredients without any unnecessary additives or processing.”

“Compared to the other late night menu offerings, our guests are going to find that these dishes are not only full of flavor, but are completely free of any artificial food additives, like flavor enhancers, preservatives, and food coloring.”

The Empa Nachos are packed with flavor, featuring bright cherry tomatoes, crisp radish slices, mishima reserve beef, and empanadas filled with spicy black beans. If you’re with a group of 4-6, order the Bronto Shank Taco Platter that includes tortillas and all the fixins’ to build-your-own tacos.

For a lighter cocktail, the Desert Blossom with lime, grapefruit bitters, and egg white has a hint of sweetness. If you’re into margaritas, the Wolf of Oaxaca is a great choice with cimmaron, del maguey vida mescal, pineapple, agave, and lime.

Bronto Shank Taco Platter to share. Photo by Alex Ellis.

The Butcher’s Table Late Night Menu (10pm—midnight)

Empa Nachos $13

hand stuffed black bean and flagship empanadas layered with mishima reserve beef, corn tortillas, tomato, jalapenos, cilantro, onions

Bronto Shank Taco Platter $48

feeds up to 6 people

mishima reserve beef shank marinated with chipotle chilis, oranges, fennel. smoked and slow braised. served with nightly accompaniments, flour tortillas

Ceviche Tacos $12

two tacos per order

ceviche-style halibut and salmon on flour and corn tortilla (Note from Jennifer: corn tortillas are awesome, but also crumbly and the flour one on the outside keeps it intact!)

Beef Fat Fries “Poutine” $13

beef fat fries, peppers, onions, flagship sauce

Farro Pepper Poppers $8

serrano pepper, farro, flagship

Desert Blossom cocktail. Photo by Jennifer Liu.


Wolf of Oaxaca $13

cimmaron, del maguey vida mescal, pineapple, agave, lime

Mezcal Old Fashioned $13

mezcal amaras, gran classico bitters, orange bitters, infused simple syrup

Desert Blossom $14

siete leguas blanco, yellow chartreuse, aperol, lime, grapefruit bitters, egg white


The Butcher’s Table             |          2121 Westlake Ave, Seattle          |          (206) 209 – 5990