Van der Pop Releases Chic Cannabis Accessories for Her

Gift sets for the women in your life with high standards

When I see gift recommendations for women, I’m usually clenching my jaw or suppressing an eye roll (If someone tries to sell me another Glassybaby or variety pack of essential oils I’m gonna lose my shit). But in an industry that notoriously caters to men, I was excited to learn that Van der pop, the leading cannabis digest for women, recently released gift sets designed for FEMALE stoners.

If you haven’t heard of Van der pop, please take note – they’re doing great things like striving to make the marijuana industry more inviting to women (they’ve done their research too) through events, expert advice, and a delightfully insightful blog. They’re helping seasoned and novice female smokers alike truly enjoy each and every trip.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner (and Galentine’s Day!), they’re offering a variety of gift sets you/your mom/partner in crime/friend/cool neighbor will actually appreciate. We like the Martha stash set that includes:

  • Two deep violet RELAX and LAUGH stash jars that block out UV rays and keep your bud fresh
  • One pack of pink and black pop sticks, perfect for women who suck at rolling joints (you know who you are – own it!)
  • Incense pyre sampler pack from local favorite Blackbird
    • Each sampler pack includes 3 sepulchre LAUGH pyres and 3 gorgo RELAX pyres to pair with your mood (and cover up dank smells)
  • One hieroglyphics grinder card

They estimate a week for shipping, so order your stash set today to ensure you get yours on time!