BAYNK @ Barboza Friday March 1st

New Zealand producer and rising artist BAYNK is playing a sold-out show at Barboza tonight! 

BAYNK has supported names such as Hayden James and San Holo on tour and this is his second trek across North America as a headliner after his 2018 debut U.S. run selling out all four shows in NYC, Los Angeles, Washington, DC and Denver.

BAYNK (real name Jock Nowell-Usticke) is set to release a brand new EP this spring, of which he has already released standout tracks such as “Settle (ft. Sinéad Harnett)” and “Off Limits (ft. GLADES). We had the chance to catch up with Jock ahead of his Seattle show tonight.

Seattleite: Do you write the lyrics for your songs? How long have you been writing songs and where do you draw inspiration from?

BAYNK: Yes, for the most part. Sometimes I’ll bring in friends to help. When I’m working with other vocalists, I’ll usually let them take the lead. It took me a long time to be confident in my ability and the things I had to say but it’s all a learning process. I’ve been producing music for around five years and writing lyrics for two or three years. I take inspiration from anything but most often situations that I myself have been in or people close to me have.

S: What can we expect from your new EP being released this spring?

BAYNK: It’s kind of a closure piece for the first EP, similar production trends and lyrical ideas tended more towards finding love & companionship. Both records came from the initial rush of excitement of discovering what music production was and only recently discovering songwriting. I really didn’t know anything about either beforehand and was on track to be a chemical engineer which would have been dismal.

S: What was it like to be the opener for Hayden James and San Holo? How did you get connected with them?

BAYNK: It was fantastic. I loved both experiences and they are genuinely wonderful people. My booking agent organized both of them. I guess they found my music agreeable enough to take me on tour with them.

S: How do you decide who to collaborate with? For instance Shallou in “Come Home” or GLADES in “Off Limits”?

BAYNK: I really loved Doubt (Summer Edit) & Heights by Shallou at the time and I think I told my manager that in passing so he tee’d a session up. Glades I found scrolling through similar artists on Spotify but I had also heard the lead singer Karina on the radio in Australia and was very taken aback by her vocal tone and skill.

S: What are you most looking forward to about your North American headline tour that kicked off a couple weeks ago? Is there anything you’re nervous about?

BAYNK: Being on stage and connecting with people that enjoy my music really is quite special however cliche that may sound. I still get nervous before I play but generally for the whole appearance of the show and not for my own sake. I really do just want people to have an amazing time and for that to happen the lights, sound, production etc etc all need to work in harmony so I more just worry about that and hope everything will pan out.

S: What do you miss most when you’re away from home? 

I miss being rooted in one place. Being out on the road is a blast but once you get past the 3 week mark it starts getting exhausting and I almost always get sick. I miss my friends and loved ones of course just like anyone would, I think the positives of touring still outweigh the negatives but it’s not all  sunshine and daisies.

S: Where is home base? 

BAYNK: Los Angeles is home currently.

S: We watched the BAYNK X NIKE video, “Find You” and it’s really playful and fun. What was it like to shoot that? How did Nike approach you for this collaboration?

BAYNK: It was good fun. I had the concept for a while and was looking for somewhere to apply it and the combination just worked perfectly. I didn’t know any film / commercial people in Auckland so I just asked all my friends to come help shoot it and researched how to achieve all the looks I wanted. Love the finished product. Nike was running a series of collaborations with NZ’d youngest movers & shakers and I was one of the people they chose.