Seattleite Spotlight: Closet Curator Tannya Bernadette

Master Stylist Tannya Bernadette. Photo credit: Marcella R. Photography

Seattle is probably not one of the first places on most people’s list when thinking of the most fashion-forward cities in America. T-shirts, flannel, windbreakers, and Birkenstocks and socks might come to mind instead. We’re a locale known for a relaxed style, due in part to a booming tech industry that traditionally values sartorial nonchalance. But while a no-fuss approach to wardrobe may take some of the pressure off, revamping your closet can be a good idea—even here in the Pacific Northwest.

That’s where Tannya Bernadette comes in.

Ten years ago she was a recent college graduate with a major in Fashion Marketing, launching her eponymous personal styling company in Ballard. Bernadette had no savings or clientele at the time, but signed a lease for office space anyway. At 22, she had a vision of helping people identify and cultivate their own style, and giving them a boost of confidence in the process. “Once you commit to something and you want to make it happen, you can make it happen.” Through hard work and persistence, this self-made woman continues to help people every day with that same business. Rebranded The Closet Edit, she pairs personal stylists with a wide range of clients at various stages of their lives who are in search of a new or updated look and an attentive, non-judgmental approach.

Photo credit: Marcella R. Photography

Lest you think The Closet Edit is just for women, au contraire—men comprise about half of their clientele. Many times, these men are new to the city; transplants who work for corporate tech giants Microsoft and Amazon who are trying to match their style to their personality. Other times, it is older men—recent divorcés or the partners of previous female clients—who contact her. Helping people of all genders with various body types, goals and price points is a staple of The Closet Edit. 

Personal shoppers were once thought of as something sought by celebrities, but the company tends to think of it as a universal public interest. “Fashion is for everybody,” Bernadette says. And not only is fashion for everybody, but, she believes, “Fashion is an art.” Bernadette loves style and is very creative, drawn towards various colors and prints. She picks things up on her outings and travels that feel good—and purges any clutter from her own closet that doesn’t. In short, she does in her own life what she wants to impart to her clients.

Being good at what she does has helped The Closet Edit thrive for a decade. In this age of uncertainty for small businesses, that is no easy feat. Within the next decade, The Closet Edit has plans to train others and grow the business, expanding to multiple locations—including Los Angeles—for styling services, and to open a retail shop. This may sound ambitious, but if anyone can do it, Tannya Bernadette’s track record speaks for itself.

Want to learn more and meet the people of The Closet Edit? Their next pop-up shop Baubles & Bubbles is at the Melody Lynn Vineyard in Kirkland on Sunday, June 2. Learn more & buy tickets here.