Summertime and beyond : Skincare secrets and tips from the aestheticians at Elaia Spa

Photo credit: Elaia spa.

Summer is when Seattle is at its most vibrant, coming alive with gorgeous colors and exciting activities! Fun in the sun can sometimes be a little taxing on the skin, with the sun’s harsh UV rays and the drying climate. A little bit goes a long way when it comes to taking care of your skin. As we enjoy the last weeks of summer and prepare to transition into fall, this might be a good time for some repair, reflection, and healing. 

Luckily, Elaia Spa in Hyatt at Olive 8 is here to help with eco-friendly skincare solutions. I tried the Elaia’s Bio-Suisse Oxygen Facial and it left my skin feeling incredibly plump, calm, and hydrated. The best part? The treatment is all-organic and gentle on your skin. My aesthetician Mae was great at explaining the science behind the ingredients and procedure, and extremely skilled at what she does. She impressed upon me the revolutionary role of hyaluronic acid in skincare, and its vast benefits for the skin. The treatment includes a blast of vitamin-infused pure medical-grade oxygen, peptides, hyaluronic acid and Bio-Suisse plant extracts to achieve skin renewal at a cellular level, revealing a true natural glow. I’d recommend the facial to anyone looking to revive skin that’s tired or damaged from summer activities and dehydration. 

Shanda, a senior aesthetician at Elaia spa also gave us her expert advice to achieving your best thing this summer….


  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize to combat the drying effects of summer. Hydrate and moisturize your skin with a moisturizing SPF. The Tropical Vanilla Day Cream SPF 32 and Lilikoi Mineral Defense Moisturizer SPF 33 are light-weight, hydrating and perfect for all skin types, leaving skin looking healthy and radiant while protected from the sun’s harmful rays.
  • Give your skin a refresher with the Stone Crop Hydrating Mist. “It’s very healing and helps to restore balance and pH levels leaving parched sun touched skin nourished and toned. Stone crop is the key ingredient part of the aloe family, helping neutralize and refresh the skin.”


  • Consuming water-dense fruits and vegetables like watermelon, peaches, celery and cucumbers along with keeping up your water intake – remember the recommended 8 glasses of 8 ounces a day–can help keep you hydrated and your skin refreshed all day long. 
  • Give your skin a rest from deep peels and aggressive exfoliants to avoid causing hyperpigmentation” and instead use gentle rice powder based products like the Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant
  • Overexposed to sun, chlorine and saltwater? Elaia’s Bio-Suisse Oxygen Facial, a transformational facial that delivers results, immediately calms and hydrates the skin, leaving it rejuvenated, healthy and beautiful again.

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  • The biggest factor to look for in sunscreen is that it is mineral based – zinc oxide and titanium oxide should be the main ingredients. Stay away from chemical sunscreen – anything with an ‘enzone’ ingredient as this does not protect your skin from UV rays. A 15 SPF protects from UV A and B rays (the bad rays) just as much as a 90 SPF. The difference is the time frame it protects you for. The higher SPF has a chemical that will keep it on your skin for longer. You should be using a 15 or 30 SPF and applying every 2-3 hours.
  •  Protecting your skin with SPF isn’t just for your face and body. Don’t forget your kisser! Collagen is a very important protein abundant in the lips and sun exposure destroys collagen, eventually making lips thinner, not to mention dehydrated and at risk for skin cancer.” A go-to lip treatment is the Rosehip & Lemongrass Lip Balm SPF 15 made to protect, soften and hydrate, and comes in travel-friendly packaging for those on vacation.

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