National Geographic hosts inaugural ‘Recruitment Day,’ inspiring curiosity in children nationwide

This week, twelve inspiring female National Geographic Explorers are returning to their hometowns to gear up for “Recruitment Day,” a first-of-its-kind initiative that celebrates the latest title within National Geographic’s trailblazing kids’ fiction series, Explorer Academy: The Double Helix

The nationwide tour–designed to inspire kids to think big, stay curious, and keep exploring the world around them–will send a team of powerful women that specialize in a variety of fascinating fields including anthropology, ecology and photography to local libraries, book stores, and schools across the country. The Explorers will highlight the groundbreaking series and shed light on the cast of diverse and heroic female characters that are featured within the story. Kids will also have the chance to go home with exclusive swag, signed books, and become an official certified Explorer Academy recruit.

“We are incredibly excited to meet the future generation of explorers during our first-ever ‘Recruitment Day’ tour, and can’t think of a more impactful way to celebrate the release of Explorer Academy: The Double Helix than with ten amazing female explorers,” said Rebecca Baines, Editorial Director at National Geographic Kids Books. “With the help of these inspiring women, we’re able to bring the series to life in cities across the nation and give children the opportunity to become a part of this program, meet real-life explorers, learn about their incredible journeys, and even leave from the day as a certified explorer.”

The Explorers will set out to their local communities to provide readers with an in-depth look into the new title and to share incredible stories of personal explorations that helped to inspire the Explorer Academy series.  Seattle native, author Trudi Trueit and real-life National Geographic Explorer (& Seattle local!), Gemina Garland-Lewis will be in Seattle this week for insightful conversations and exciting book giveaways. You can find Trudi’s schedule here.  For more information on the Explorer Academy fiction series and Recruitment Day, you can head to