Where To Go For Spiritual & Wellness Community in Seattle

Photo credit: Three Moon Collective

If you’re looking to take your spiritual or wellness journey to the next level, connecting in with a like-minded, supportive community is essential.

Luckily, if you’re in the Seattle area, there are some incredibly supportive and thriving community spaces, ready to welcome you with open arms. It feels like these spaces are filling the gap so many of us have been needing—offering a point of connection, learning, gathering, authentic sharing, and mutual support. 

Whether you’re seeking a space to meditate and reflect, a space to gather and share, or a place to learn and grow, here are the top community hubs I’d recommend you check out. There is a little something for everyone:

Capitol Hill

Ritual House is known for its great vibe. Their philosophy is that breath and spirit are one in the same, and that is the purest expression of strength. For this studio, integritous action takes the form of their many gatherings. In addition to the multi style yoga classes and intensives offered each week, they host many community-focused gatherings, creating a space for healing and connection, around practices including sound meditation, myofascial release, breathwork ceremony, ancestral healing, and also women’s gatherings. If you need a deeper space for connection and bonding, be sure to explore their urban retreats, too.

A Seattle institution, 8 Limbs Yoga offers four locations in Capitol Hill, West Seattle, Phinney Ridge, and Wedgwood. These studios are rooted in the lineage of Eastern teachings, and are known for their quality teachers, classes and welcoming atmosphere. Beyond yoga classes, 8 Limbs holds the space for many healing gatherings, including sound meditation, retreats, breathwork, along with a firm commitment to social change and inclusivity.


A curated guide to Seattle’s wellness world, Three Moon Collective is an online resource and in-person community serving a dual role of helping people connect with local wellness practices and providers, as well as bringing seekers together for regular gatherings, like their famous Yin Yoga, Reiki and Aromatherapy evenings. For wellness providers, this is your go-to for support, meaningful connection, and community. For wellness seekers, be sure to explore the many opportunities they offer to support wellness and growth, and bring like-minded people together.

Greenlake + Wallingford

OmCulture is a visionary studio and community space that hosts a variety of classes, meetup groups, and events, dedicated to the art of moving the body to move the mind to a peaceful place. The vibe here is an open, welcoming community that makes everyone feel at home. They are all about nurturing adults and kids, and offer a variety of kids programming, too. Their mission is to foster real connections in this busy world, and this is reflected in all they offer.


Omni Bothell is a conscious community center on the Eastside designed to support and bring together wellness providers and the greater wellness community. This space is designed as a warm and welcoming classroom for all kinds of wellness learning. You can learn yoga, dance, fitness, meditation, journaling, or join any of their meet-ups to network with the wellness community. 

Queen Anne 

From the moment you walk in, the temperature of the lobby, the scent of sweetgrass or sage, and the smile behind the front desk weave you into the tapestry of the community at Sangha Seattle, a beautiful yoga and meditation studio with amazing programming. Sangha is a Sanskrit word that means community, and the staff here have fostered a thriving community spirit reflected in all they offer. Their priority is to cultivate a safe and friendly space where everyone can be exactly who they are. They see each student as part of their family and strive to make sure they feel cared about—both on and off the mat. You’ll find Soundbaths and Breathwork in addition to the regular line up of Hatha, Vinyasa, Flow, Restorative, Yin and Prenatal.


Kadampa Meditation Center Washington is a traditional Buddhist center, open to any who are interested in learning the practice of mindfulness meditation. Expect a welcoming community. They offer a wide variety of gatherings, classes, and prayers each week. So if you simply want a sacred space to reflect, or if you’re seeking to learn more about Buddhist or mindfulness practices or engage in the community talks, all are available to you here. For those who live in Olympia or Tacoma, explore the branches of the Tushita Kadampa Buddhist Centers

Various Locations

Dance Church: Ending this round up on a fun note, Dance Church is an all-ages, all-abilities, dance gathering that provides a communal space for people who want to move their bodies. I really believe in the power of dance to connect us, so if you’re looking for something less serious but still meditative and bonding, this could be perfect for you!  

Community doesn’t happen overnight, so if you explore some of these places, be sure to visit more than once to get a real sense of the people and practices available to support you. And if you’re wanting to dive into more of an immersive experience, Seattle offers so many beautiful sound meditation gatherings and breathwork events, or you might consider trying a local Washington meditation retreat or a Washington yoga retreat.

Monica Krake is the founder of Head + Heart, your guide to all things spirituality and wellness. Discover events, retreats, resources, teachers, and community across North America.