Glossier You pops up at Nordstrom

Glossier You. Photo credit: Nordstrom

Glossier You, a cult-favorite fragrance is now available at Nordstrom. Nordstrom and Glossier are collaborating on a limited activation dedicated entirely to Glosser You, the beauty company’s bestselling and award-winning fragrance. This is the first time that Glossier You will be available outside of Glossier’s website and retail locations.

Freestanding ‘Glossier You’ shopping experiences are available at seven Nordstrom locations including Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Santa Anita, Seattle and Washington D.C from now through February 16, 2020.

Inspired by Glossier’s “skin first” philosophy, Glossier You adapts to the skin’s chemistry to create the ultimate personal fragrance. An addictive musk, with earthy iris root and spicy pink pepper, Glossier You smells a little different on everyone. The formula is comprised of mostly base notes so, unlike traditional scents, the fragrance lets the person wearing it shine through. This approach also allows the fragrance to wear evenly; it won’t change how it smells throughout the day. The effect is creamy, sparkly, clean, and warm—familiar, but elevated. Think: “you smell good,” instead of, “your fragrance smells good.”

Glossier You at Nordstrom brings celebrated elements of the Glossier world—like immersive design and helpful sales associates in pink jumpsuits—to life in the Nordstrom environment. With special collateral (shopping bag, postcard, sticker) designed exclusively for Nordstrom, shoppers who purchase Glossier You will leave with a special, gift-worthy package. You can indulge yourself with this gorgeous perfume at Nordstrom Downtown

Nordstrom Downtown Seattle   |   500 Pine St., Seattle   |   (206) 628-2111