Concert Review: Deadmau5’s Cube V3 Tour with Lights

Photo credit: Jane Johnson

deadmau5’s Cube V3 tour stopped in Seattle for a night at WAMU Theater last month. As I’ve seen Joel Zimmerman, aka deadmau5 a couple times at various festivals over the years, I was most excited for the collaboration with Lights and whatever this cube thing was about.

I absolutely love WAMU Theater because of it’s warehouse quality with tall ceilings and so. much. space. For a rainy Thursday night, the turnout was impressive. The energy at EDM shows is always great (as is the people watching) and there’s often plenty of gaps in the crowd for space to dance. We were able to easily maneuver to the second row at center stage during MSTRKRFT’s danceable opening set. 

The production is quite the feat by the Canadian electronic music producer, with a huge rotating lit-up cube, quirky graphics, and lasers. Zimmerman kept the audience’s attention without being seen at all times. Instead of being at the top, he was in the center, and the cube occasionally rotated to expose him to the audience. 

deadmau5 is exciting and all, but we were really looking forward to seeing Canadian singer and songwriter Valerie Anne Poxleitner-Bokan, aka Lights. In contrast to her headlining concerts, the setting of this show was more visually stimulating and much louder (no surprise here). 

Poxleitner-Bokan was fun to see with Zimmerman and their rapport was apparent. We heard her voice in two songs before she actually came out onto the stage. And the crowd roared when she did. Poxleitner-Bokan’s soulful, magical voice intertwined with Zimmerman’s beats was an incredible contrast. Her energy, paired with her fiery red hair and on-stage presence was provocative and exhilarating. 

The tour continues on with stops in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Brooklyn.