Seattleite Spotlight: Sari Davidson, founder of BooginHead

Photo credit: BooginHead

Sari Davidson is a PNW mompreneur. She had her eureka moment while picking up her pint-sized son’s sippy cup for the umpteenth time. Her little toddler made a hilarious game out of it—flinging his cup again and again, to just to watch her pick it up. After checking at major retailers, the harangued mom decided to create a solution for herself, and for other similarly tired parents. Sari Davidson bought a sewing machine and created her first product, the SippiGrip, in 2005. SippiGrip was actually picked up by Target for an in-store display of Parent Invented Products, and it was full speed ahead from there.

Sari Davidson is the founder of BooginHead, making products to make parents’ lives easier. Circa 12 years ago, Sari made the leap from working at Microsoft to a pioneering business owner. BooginHead makes infant and toddler feeding and soothing accessories that will fit easily into your lifestyle and improve your experience of parenthood by saving you money, time, and energy. 

BooginHead comprises of seven incredible moms who are passionate about solving the little things—keeping pacifiers clean and close, keeping sippy cups and blankets off the dirty floor, and making life just a little easier for parents around the world. It is the little things that matter the most—a philosophy that Sari and her team of supermoms have zeroed in on. Their products are sold nationally at Walmart, Target, Amazon and you can also buy them directly from their website here.

As a new mom, I identify with these daily struggles—finding lost pacifiers, hunting for teethers, picking up binkies from the floor again and again as my baby enjoys flinging it too. Caring for an adorable, tiny human can get frustrating fast. Just when you get a handle on your newborn baby and live for those gummy smiles—all of a sudden, they start teething. And believe it or not, a toothy smile is even cuter than a gummy one. Time flies with a baby, and before you know it, it’ll be time to move to solid foods. Purees, cereals, sippy cups, high chairs. In one word—messy! 

We tried some of their products—and they are absolute game-changers. It is clear that there is a lot of thought and care that goes into making these wonderful products. I love how multi-functional everything is. Their chic teether bibs are perfect for both wiping off your baby’s mouth (which you’ll do a lot of!) and the silicone teether at the tip is great for the baby to chomp away at! Our baby is already in love with his new lovey and thanks to the pacifier clips, I don’t have to spend half of my day looking for lost binkies. 

We spoke to Sari about how Booginhead came to be, and her journey so far….

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Sari Davidson (Photo credit: BooginHead)

Seattleite: Could you tell me a little about yourself and your journey so far?

Sari: My name is Sari Davidson, I’m a single mom to two boys, and I founded my company BooginHead in 2007. Before BooginHead I was working at Microsoft, the majority of my career was in HR and recruiting. I actually started BooginHead while I was there and did both BooginHead and Microsoft at the same time for three years until BooginHead was sustainable on its own. Since 2007 we’ve grown from one product to over one hundred products from pacifier clips to bibs to floor mats, and we’re sold nationally in Walmart, Target and buybuyBABY, on, and we’re sold internationally in countries like Australia and Japan.

Seattleite: How did BooginHead come to be? What was your ‘aha’ moment?

Sari: When my son was almost a year old, he was learning how to use a sippy cup and he couldn’t quite hold it correctly so it was falling to the floor and I was constantly picking it up—he realized that would be a fun game and then just started throwing the cup wherever we were. And, I thought there had to be something out there that solved this problem, so I went to the major retailers, I went online, and I didn’t see anything that worked, I went to Target, I bought a sewing machine, sat down at my kitchen table, and started sewing. I developed my first product, the SippiGrip, in 2005. SippiGrip was actually picked up by Target for an in-store display of Parent Invented Products, and it was full speed ahead from there.

Seattleite: What’s the thought behind the name ‘BooginHead’?

Sari: BooginHead is a term we’ve used in our household for a long time. It’s when somebody does something they shouldn’t—but they do it anyway—and it makes you laugh. For instance, when my son constantly throws his cup onto the floor just to watch me pick it up, he’s being a BooginHead! So BooginHead is about creating products for parents to make their lives easier.

Seattleite: What are your top tips for baby/toddler mealtimes?

Sari: Make it easier on yourself! There are so many awesome products out there to help contain the mess, make mealtime fun, make cleanup easier, and truly all parents deserve help with these things. But also, trust yourself. Trust your instincts. Kids are going to have their food preferences, you’re going to think they’ve eaten too much or too little, or too much of one thing and not enough of something else—you are not alone in these fears, and you’re doing great. Really, you are. If you feel like the whole mealtime situation didn’t go well today, there’s always tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and eating/feeding is a lifelong process.

Seattleite: As a mom, what are the feeding products that were game-changing for you?

Sari: Well, the SippiGrip, for sure! I was using my prototype with my young son even before the product launched on the market, and a few years ago BooginHead developed a wide coverage floor mat called SplatMat that’s super easy to clean and can travel anywhere. Having floor protection under a high chair really helped with mess containment, especially in environments that can cause you or your child some stress like restaurants, beaches, airports, and grandparents’ houses. 

Seattleite: As a women-oriented business-owner, how do you think mothers can empower themselves?

Sari: As a mother, my kids are my number one priority, always. Nothing takes precedence. And so it was really important to me, when crafting my own company culture, that I built a flexible environment that understood the constraints and challenges of being a parent. Sometimes you’re going to have school delays. Your kids are going to get sick. Your evenings belong to you. I have had an all-women, all-mothers staff for about four years now, and what we’ve been able to accomplish is the stuff of dreams. 

And we did that together, in a place of understanding and flexibility. But I think what I’m trying to say is this: it’s really on businesses and workplaces to empower mothers because mothers are powerful already. The corporate attitude toward mothers needs to move toward one of understanding and support, because in my experience it’s parents who work the hardest, squeeze the most out of every minute, and reach for the stars. We have to! Being a parent requires a work ethic, and in a business environment that respects parents, that work ethic translates seamlessly into the corporate world. 

Seattleite: What’s next for BooginHead?

Sari: We are looking to expand further internationally. It’s a fascinating world and a complicated process – countries have different safety regulations, different cultures have color preferences, there are tariffs and shipping and logistics, but we’re excited to tackle it all.