Live Virtual Events At Town Hall This Week

The Town Hall (Photo credit: Steve Dubinsky)

With virtual events becoming the new normal (for now), I’m constantly on the hunt for cool new podcasts and online conversations. Town Halls digital stage is a great platform, and they have a great line-up for the week ahead. 

Here are some events coming up at Town Hall beginning Monday, April 20. This includes episodes of their podcast, In The Moment, here – an extension of their digital stage. As with their livestreams, this format is an alternative to in-person programming for previously scheduled guests, and potentially some new guests as well. Those featured on In The Moment will be exclusive to that platform for this “visit” to Town Hall.

These amazing events are all free (Yes, really!). To support them during this difficult time – you can donate. You can make a donation online (, by texting TOWN HALL to 44321, or by joining Town Hall as a member (

Photo credit: The Town Hall

4/20 at 1:00 pm: In The Moment Podcast: NASA scientist Kevin Hand will be discussing the search for life in the oceans of other planets with correspondent Steve Scher

4/20 at 7:30 pm:  Former Director of the CFPB, (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) Richard Cordray will be talking about his new book containing stories from during his time at the CFPB and the fight to establish a new baseline of economic fairness 

4/21 at 6:00 pm: David Rohde will be in conversation with Steve Scher about the “deep state”

 4/22 at 7:30 pm: Pre-registration is required for this Earth Day event with PCC Farmland Trust on building a resilient future for Washington

 4/23 at 7:30 pm: Clifford Thompson will be discussing race, family, and the reality of being a Black man in twenty-first-century America with Adam Shatz

 4/25 at 7:30 pm: The fifth event in our partnership with Earshot Jazz will feature Tarik Abouzied with Damian Erskine, RL Heyer, and Jory Tindall

And looking ahead to the following week: 

4/27 at 1:00 pm: In The Moment Podcast: Chief Correspondent Steve Scher talks with bestselling author Michael Shermer about who is the Devil, and what is his due?

4/28 at 6:00 pm: Journalist Casey Schwartz shares a personal perspective and considers the wider landscape on attention spans with Jessica Bennett