Washington Distillers Guild Produces Sanitizer for Frontline Workers (And How You Can Help)

Photo credit: Disinfect Connect.

Washington Distillers Guild launched Sanitizer for Heroes, a GoFundMe campaign created to give two liters of hand sanitizer to those on the frontlines here in Washington state for their own personal use.

After the COVID-19 outbreak, more than 60 small, family-owned distilleries in the state converted their operations to make thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer for supply to the health care chain. 

According to the Guild, Washington health care institutions now have enough product to satisfy their needs, but the frontline workers have expressed the demand for sanitizer at home.

“We knew we needed to answer the call to help our heroes when they’re at home, too,” said Mhairi Voelsgen, the founder of BROVO Spirits and president of the Washington Distillers Guild. “While first responders can access sanitizer at work, we have heard heartbreaking stories that they do not have an ample supply of sanitizing products at home. A nurse from a Seattle hospital told us that she didn’t feel safe hugging her children.”


Due to supply chain issues and lots of demand, the cost of the raw ingredients to manufacture hand sanitizer is expensive. The distilleries need our help with donations: Sanitizer for Heroes Go Fund Me page.

* $25 buys one bottle for a healthcare worker or first responder 
* $50 buys two bottles for a healthcare worker or first responder 
* $100 buys two bottles for a healthcare worker and two personal bottles or four bottles to 2 healthcare workers or first responders 
* $200 buys 8 bottles 
* $500 buys 20 bottles 
* $2,500 buys 2 bottles for every worker at a small fire station 
* $5,000 buys 2 bottles for a shift at a local hospital


How this works:
1) Frontline works submit a request for hand sanitizer at http://www.disinfectconnect.com/wa
2) Disinfect Connect’s volunteers review each request.
3) Once a request is approved, you will receive an account activation email.
4) Log into the map to view Washington distilleries, and reserve your free 2L of hand sanitizer from a local distillery.
5) Once a reservation has been made, we send pick up instructions.
6) Pick up hand sanitizer.

Frontline workers in Washington state, please visit www.disinfectconnect.com/wa to claim your free hand sanitizer.