Online Classes and DIY Kits from The Works Seattle

Photo credit: The Works Seattle

In normal times (what is that, even?!), The Works Seattle, is a welcoming community space with natural light streaming through the windows and a great atmosphere. Obviously, things have had to shift due to Covid-19, and now they’re exclusively offering live online classes, on-demand classes (pre-recorded for you to view at your convenience), and DIY kits.

Live Online Classes:

Vietnamese Fresh Rolls | August 10 |$29

Gazpacho | August 12 | $29

The Art of Tarot | August 17 | $29

Houseplants 101 | August 19 | from $29*

Kombucha 101 | August 25 | from $29*

Simple & Easy Hot Pot at Home | August 26 | $29

*$29 to buy your own ingredients or a little more if you want supplies included.

Learn more about the online classes and sign-up here.

On Demand Classes:

Kick out the Jams $29

The Art of Hand Lettering $29

You Can Pickle That! $29

Dutch Oven Bread $29

Homemade Pasta (with or without a pasta roller) $29

Let There Be (Vegan) Pie $29

Learn more about and sign-up for the on-demand classes here.

Bubble Tea DIY Kit. Photo credit: The Works Seattle

DIY Kits:

Bubble Tea at Home Kit $39

Mochi Madness Kit $35

Gemstone Soap Kit $35

Macrame Rainbow Kit $29

Pom Pom Earrings Kit $39

Beeswax Wraps Kit $29

Sew Your Own Napkins Kit $39

Learn more and order the DIY kits here.