Rave is the newest apple on the block

Photo credit: Stemilt

Apple season is almost upon us! Stemilt’s latest apple variety, Rave, is a gorgeous rose-red color and is part Honeycrisp and part MonArk. It was bred naturally through cross-pollination methods more than 20 years ago.

As huge fruit fiends—we were curious and had to put it to the taste test. The verdict? Absolutely delish. This apple has a big personality; it is sweet, crunchy, and luscious. It doesn’t take very well to heat and isn’t ideal for cooking or baking though. The best way to enjoying these lush beauties is to just munch directly; at the park, on a hike, or sliced up with some fancy cheese and wine. The only drawback? These apples are practically dripping with juice, and you most definitely will have some dribbling down your chin. That’s a small price to pay for such a sweet treat, and nothing some tissues can’t take care of! 

These apples are available early August through mid-September, and you can buy them here. Grown in Washington state, Rave apples have that infamous Honeycrisp bite, but with an extra special (let’s call it rave-worthy) flavor. These apples are already on their way to becoming internet-famous, and you can speed that up by sharing your own “rave-able” content at @raveapples.